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Client List and Feedback


What clients say…

“We invited Joanne to give a Mindfulness workshop at our company to increase overall Wellness on-site. The main asks of her were to talk about stress, overburden and how to deal with an endless litany of tasks. The workshop was over-subscribed and feedback from our employees was fantastic.
Throughout, Joanne demonstrated a deep understanding of mindfulness which she combined with her own experience in a way that conveyed both credibility and professionalism. She was unfailingly supportive, responsive, encouraging and when necessary challenging. She addressed everything we asked and more, even going into the science behind mindfulness and its endless benefits.
I would encourage anyone who finds themselves under pressure to try Joanne’s course and I would highly recommend Joanne as a corporate (and individual) mindfulness coach and practitioner. 

“Great workshop on Resilience & Workplace Wellbeing as part of our team’s away day. Feedback has been very positive. Everyone was really engaged and it was great that people were able to take away some tips and tools for coping better under pressure and learning about the benefits of being resilient.”


“Transformational Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Training! The management team are more self-aware and have gained new communication and leadership skills so they can engage & empower their teams.”


“Joanne captured the attention of the male dominated room and delivered an excellent Mindful Leadership Workshop which left us with an appetite for more.”


“Excellent training for individuals or groups working in a fast paced environment. Joanne will give you tips and exercises on how you can manage stress and focus better. Highly recommended!”


“One of the best training experiences ever! Joanne was friendly, professional, enthusiastic, motivational and caring. Really fantastic! My colleagues and I got so much from this 2 day bespoke training, both professionally and personally. Joanne is an inspiring trainer… would not go anywhere else. Highly recommend!!”


“Inspirational Mindfulness at Work Introductory workshop. I loved it! … We are now equipped with many skills to practice mindfulness (and be less fearful despite constantly changing environment).”

“Excellent sessions giving all of our employees tools and skills. Joanne delivered the training in a friendly, enthusiastic and motivational manner. Will continue to use Joanne’s services moving forward. Thank you Joanne and here’s some feedback from the team: ‘Session was excellent, really related to Joanne and will use the skills I’ve taken away’  ‘Was very sceptical going into the training, but actually really enjoyed the content – found it  very useful’ ‘Enjoyed the session a lot – look forward to more’  ‘Brilliant Workshop, really enjoyed the exercises – can really use some of what I learned in the course in my daily Job’

Feedback from Clients - Mindfulness at Work Training“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from your recent Mindfulness course. I could really tell that you “walk the talk” and that comes across in your presence. You also made an effort to connect with everyone in the room, which I thought was lovely and inclusive. I will recommend the course to all my colleagues here at RCSI.”

“Great experience for me to offer Mindfulness Training to customer care in Kerry and to launch this with Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work who is a true professional. I truly believe in this training and reported outcomes clearly shows me why…”

“Excellent course! … use the tools to enhance my day to day… I gained a lot of insight and a deep understanding of mindfulness. I deal differently with stressful situations and it has helped a lot with work challenges. Joanne is an excellent facilitator, articulate, strong communication skills and delivered the course to the highest standard. thank you Joanne for the gentle guidance, support, sensitivity, respect, enthusiasm and encouragement throughout.”

“The team found Joanne to be an engaging, warm and knowledgeable speaker and gained lots of tips on how to practice Mindfulness day to day, as well as an understanding of why they should do so and the associated benefits. I would recommend Joanne as an excellent speaker and teacher.”

Feedback from Clients - Mindfulness at Work Training

“Big thumbs up to the Mindful Leadership Workshop. Lots of insight and good reflection, really well worth doing…Joanne’s practices are extremely beneficial, the sessions helped our leadership team to take the time out by learning how to focus on living in the moment and by gaining a more positive outlook.”


“Wonderful 8 Week Course! Joanne’s enthusiasm and empathy encouraged full interaction from all participants. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive. Highly recommend!”


“Joanne managed to impart lots of great tips on how to be your best self in a packed agenda to a diverse audience. Great feedback from our team!”


“Joanne delivered a workshop, ‘Finding the Perfect Balance’ to our employees as part of our Employment Wellness day. All our participants really engaged and took some very valuable information away, particularly re: stress management. Highly recommend any company getting in touch with Joanne to avail of her broad expertise.”


‘Very beneficial and I think every organisation should incorporate this training regularly.” Very helpful hints and a great practical session” “Will defiantly use some of the practices” Really enjoyed the session, and the tips have already been beneficial” “Very helpful! Yesterday, I used the breathing techniques to calm me down in a very stressful situation. So it was not just good for work, but also very practicable in day to day life.” “Excellent delivery – enjoyed the session.”


Feedback from Clients - Mindfulness at Work Training
“Participants found the Mindfulness Introductory talk really useful and were given practical tips to incorporate mindfulness into the workplace to increase focus and attention. Joanne’s approach was informal and conversational so that participants felt very comfortable.”

“Very thought provoking workshop and extremely beneficial. The trainer managed to enthuse the group of 30 individuals and gave them useful tips to carry with them into their everyday lives.

“By listening closely to our needs, Joanne presented a range of fresh, meaningful and interestingly different talks across our organisation connecting mindfulness to safe working. The talks focused on personal wellbeing at work and how to turn complacency, lapse of concentration and ‘mindless’ behaviours into more highly aware and positive ways of working. These gave insights into the associated negative or dangerous consequences of stress and offered participants practices to take away and use day to day. Staff feedback was nothing less than positive and approving.”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful all day workshop. Very much enjoyed by all.
Joanne you have great gifts and I hope you know it.
You definitely connect and create a gentleness that is tangible.”

“Really beneficial to help reduce stressful situations, maintain focus on the important things, improve employee relationships in the workplace as well as work / life balance issues. Joanne was an excellent facilitator”.

After the training course, 100% of respondents reported:

  • Better able to deal with stress
  • Learnt how to maintain a calm and clear state of mind
  • Improved focus on task

“I handle difficult situations more calmly, prioritise and work more efficiently. I gained self awareness, peace, a broader outlook and more happiness.”

“Very useful training! The team enjoyed learning techniques to deal with stress and be more present.”

“Very engaging and interactive! I learnt a lot! I can really see how essential these skills are for managing stress, maintaining focus and working best.”

“Invaluable training, really good. Want to develop the skills I learnt and use them everyday! Thank you!”


Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


Very insightful. Very useful for life! Learned a lot about myself and enjoyed lovely environment to share experiences. I want to remain conscious and Mindful so I intend to pr…