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Employee Wellbeing – Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

Employee Wellbeing

Happy, healthy people are significantly more successful

Employee Wellbeing - Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

Employee Wellbeing makes sense. People spend a large portion of their life at work and when a work culture encourages employee health and happiness, it sets up its people and organisation to be significantly more successful, not the other way round (as often believed).
Research shows a direct correlation between employee wellbeing and business success.

And Employee Wellbeing initiatives do not have to take long. This workshop inspires and teaches people to practice small changes and develop healthier habits that have a huge impact.

Employee Wellbeing Workshop – OutcomesEmployee Wellbeing - Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

  • In touch with self and responding appropriately: how do I feel? what do I need?
  • Tools for managing workload – plan, prioritise, problem solve
  • Focus on what you can control – E + R = O
  • Build up, don’t break down – taking steps towards resilience
  • Change your thinking, self-talk, change your whole day
  • Grow healthy habits, stay balanced and thrive!


What clients of previous Workplace Wellbeing Workshops said:

Employee Wellbeing - Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

“Great workshop on Resilience & Workplace Wellbeing as part of our team’s away day. Feedback has been very positive. Everyone was really engaged and it was great that people were able to take away some tips and tools for coping better under pressure and learning about the benefits of being resilient.”


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