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Mindful Leadership

Mindful Leadership Course

Invest in your Leaders

Bring Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence to your organisation

Our Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Training helps participants improve their state of mind, develop focus, resilience, improve decision making and social engagement so they can lead with clarity of purpose and inspire confidence and trust.


Why Us? Ask our clients…

Full Mindful Leadership Course for Customer Care Leads over 8 weeks

“It was a great experience for me to offer Mindfulness Training to the customer care team in Kerry and to launch this with Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work who is a true professional. I truly believe in this training and reported outcomes clearly shows me why…”

More self aware – 78%
More aware of impact of mood – 89%
More level headed and calm – 73%
More attentive and better listener – 73%
More compassionate in dealing with difficult people – 73%
Enhanced ability to reduce stress – 73%
Mindfulness supports my wellbeing – 81%
Clearer about my values and express these in work – 76%

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Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Training involves…


The training is based on the latest research which has shown that mindfulness develops emotional intelligence; the skills that predict employee performance, leadership effectiveness and organisational wellbeing. 

It is an experiential training in which participants shift from being stuck in unconscious reactivity to stepping back, seeing deeply and integrating new mental habits into their repertoire.


The result is more:

  • Self Mastery    –   Focus, clarity, emotional regulation, resilience, tools to recharge
  • Social Mastery   –   Able to foster connection, communication, relationship and trust
  • Mastery of Possibility   –     Expanded capacity, open to innovation, inspired teams.

Mindful Leadership Training Options

Mindful Leadership Training is delivered to fit your requirements.
Please get in touch to discuss the most appropriate programme for your organisation / team.
Management Teams often engage in a practical interactive WORKSHOP (2 hours duration to full day) addressing their specific objectives. Alternatively, on /off site full programmes can include:

1.   Keynote Mindful Leadership Talk to management team or group
2.   Emotional Intelligence Assessment & personal feedback for individual participant –ECR™ 
3.   Series of 8 sequential Mindful Leadership Tutorials (specific modules can be chosen for workshops)
4.   1 to 1 Executive Emotional Intelligence Coaching (including 360 feedback)

We provide leadership assessment and coaching based around the Emotional Capital model.

     Joanne O’Malley is a fully certified and licensed coach in the ECR.


Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Outcomes for leaders

Develop Self Mastery, Relationship Mastery and inspirational leadership skill

  • Improved focus, concentration and clarity
  • More resilient, self confident, capable of setting/ reaching high standards
  • Increased self control, level headedness impacts teams/organisation
  • Enhanced listening & communication skills facilitates more collaborative working
  • Decisive with stronger commitment towards achieving goals sets the tone
  • More empathy & relationship skill inspires trust and employee engagement.

Outcomes for organisations

Develop leaders who demonstrate compassion, confidence, integrity and inspire trust & enthusiastic collaboration. 

  • Positive energetic culture where each can give their best and all move towards collective goals
  • New standards for performance, wellness & vitality within/between teams
  • More creativity and flexibility in dealing with constantly changing business environment
  • Happier, healthier workforce means more productive, successful organisation.

What clients say about our Mindful Leadership Programmes…


Full programme for Management Team of 19 (17 men and 2 women) over 10 weeks

“Transformational Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Training Programme!
The management team are more self-aware and have gained new communication and leadership skills so they engage & empower their teams.”

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Feedback from Clients - Mindfulness at Work Training“Big thumbs up to the Mindful Leadership Workshop. Lots of insight and good reflection, really well worth doing. Joanne’s practices are extremely beneficial, the sessions helped our leadership team to take the time out by learning how to focus on living in the moment and by gaining a more positive outlook.”

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“Joanne captured the attention of the male dominated room and delivered an excellent Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Workshop which left us with an appetite for more.”

“Joanne designed and delivered a short workshop for myself and my team of middle managers.
We found the session excellent. In particular, how developing a mindful approach to how we live our lives and respond to difficult situations can benefit both our own and organisation effectiveness. Happy to recommend!”

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Mindful Leadership July 26, 2014


Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


Self enlightment, slowing down…it has made a difference!  I really enjoyed my time and feel mindfulness will always be part of my everyday life now. The facilitator was compa…