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Mindfulness at Christmas? Join me for 12 days starting today…

We all know Christmas can be the most stressful time of the year.
But, it doesn’t have to be…

In fact, it can be a time to really enjoy and savour good company, loving relationships, delicious food, fun and laughter, inspirational music.The list goes on and on… All the research shows that it is less ‘the event’ that makes us happy – than what we bring to it.

Mindfulness at Christmas

So, when we get caught up in ‘rushing around’, ‘doing too much’, ‘getting anxious about having everything just so’, we become STRESSED and unable to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Mindfulness at Christmas

Mindfulness at Christmas  – The best PRESENT you can give
….    yourself and everyone else

But, you can choose to enjoy each moment. All of that lovely holiday period, precious moments with your loved ones, the festivities, the fun …  by making some conscious choices that allow you to BE PRESENT and I am going to help you.

Celebrate Mindfulness this Christmas – 12 Days of Tips & Clips

Starting today, December 12th, I am posting 12 Daily Mindfulness Tips and audio guided meditation clips that you can listen to or download. After all, Christmas isn’t just the 25th of December, but the whole festive season. I will help you to ‘calm the mind’, ‘focus on what is most important’, ‘make skilful choices’, ‘manage anxiety, niggles and fear’, ‘deal compassionately with yourself and others’, ‘savour being alive’ and lots more…

So, remember to check back HERE each day and I look forward to sharing the 12 days of Christmas with you, starting today Dec 8th.

Ho – Ho – Ho…

Mindful - the best christmas PRESENT

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work. We offer Workplace Mindfulness Training that transforms peoples’ work and their lives.

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