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Mindfulness at Work Course


What does the Mindfulness at Work Course  cover?

Develop Skills that Power Sustained Health, Wellbeing & Peak Performance

Our Mindfulness at Work Course is a practical and experiential programme adapted specifically for a workplace context. Based on the latest neurological research, it pulls together gems from leading teachers globally.

Participants learn to reduce stress reactivity, build calm, clarity and resilience; improve focus, confidence; develop self and social awareness…

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Course…

Mindfulness at Work 6 Module Course for corporate governance over 3 half days

“Excellent course! … I use a number of the tools to enhance my day to day life experience… I gained a lot of insight and a deep understanding of mindfulness and all its aspects. I notice that I deal differently with stressful situations and it has helped a lot with work challenges. Joanne is an excellent facilitator. She is articulate, has strong communication skills and delivered the course to the highest standard. The resources materials – handbook and guided meditations provided were excellent. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Joanne for the gentle guidance, support, sensitivity, respect, enthusiasm and encouragement throughout.”

What does a Mindfulness at Work Course / Workshop entail?

6 / 8/10 sequential modules, taught at your location Mindfulness Couses Blackrock Dublinover a period that best fits your schedule. Each module is based on a specific topic and learning is progressive.

Workshops – half and one day workshops are designed to include most relevant topics. (Please get in touch for a comprehensive list).

Options include:

  • One module weekly
  • Two modules at a time, for 3 /4 /5 sessions
  • 6 /8/10 modules over 2 /3 days

Course materials – workbook and a range of guided meditations are provided for each participant.

To fully benefit from the Mindfulness at Work course, participants need to engage in daily practice.

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Workshop…

Mindfulness at Work 2 Day Offsite Workshop


“Participants found the program to be really beneficial to them to help reduce stressful situations, maintain focus on the important things, improve employee relationships in the workplace as well as work / life balance issues. They found Joanne to be excellent in facilitating the workshop and the feedback was very positive afterwards”.

– Myles Molloy, Financial Controller, CLS

Mindfulness at Work Course Benefitsmindfulness-helps-with-anxiety


Participants gain skills:

  • Improved focus, concentration and clarity
  • Reduced stress reactivity and more calm & level headedness
  • Increased self awareness and confidence
  • Better emotion regulation and self mastery
  • Enhanced listening, communication and relationship skills
  • More self-supportive behaviour
  • Greater positivity, optimism and motivation
  • More empathy and compassion for self, colleagues and customers
  • More authentic.

Mindfulness at Work Training – What the research shows?

Studies at Harvard, have shown that after just eight weeks of mindfulness training there is a significant increase in brain grey matter concentration in areas associated with sustained attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking. Mindfulness Training also increases activity in the left prefrontal cortex – a predictor of happiness and well-being as well as boosting the immune response.

The training has been conclusively proven to help with stress, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours and has positive impacts on like hypertension, heart disease and chronic pain. In addition, Mindfulness Training improves emotional intelligence skills including self / social awareness and more awareness of environment.

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Workshop…

2.5 hour Mindfulness at Work Introductory Workshop

“Joanne gave our team a robust introduction to the concept of Mindfulness within a two and a half hour period. The team found Joanne to be an engaging, warm and knowledgeable speaker and gained lots of tips on how to practice Mindfulness day to day, as well as an understanding of why they should do so and the associated benefits. I would recommend Joanne as an excellent speaker and teacher.”

– Oskar Persson, Senior Brand Manager, Danone

more about what the Mindfulness at Work Course entails :

The facilitator – Joanne O’Malley has an open and authentic teaching approach which fosters enquiry and participation among participants. This builds self reliance and the practice allows new insights to arise. When people realise their self-imposed limits, they have an opportunity to loosen negative patterns and develop new habits. In a safe environment, where sensitive issues can be addressed openly, people take responsibility for their own thinking/feeling/behaviour and master their own development.

Programme activities include presentations, short talks, video clips, experiential exercises, meditation practice, journalling, listening /communication exercises and group discussion.

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Workshop…

“The mindfulness workshop was very thought provoking, a good introduction into the practice of mindfulness and extremely beneficial. It covered the basic ideals whilst encouraging everyone to bring their own individual thoughts and feelings into the session. The trainer managed to enthuse the group of 30 individuals and gave them useful tips to carry with them into their everyday lives.
–   Elaine Curtis, Finance and HR, SHINE

How Mindfulness at Work translates to work environment?

Today, the increased external pressure workers face on a day to day basis as a result of an ‘always on’, information overloaded environment requires a new way of working. People need to be able to manage their mind states and develop new skills so they can consciously choose where and how attention is placed.

Mindfulness invites participants to ‘train the mind’ just as athletes ‘builds muscle’ and ‘train the body’.

Being effective isn’t about ‘getting it all done’ or ‘rushing around non-stop in a distracted overwhelmed kind of way’ but being HERE, balanced and attuned to deep intelligence and wisdom.

Like to know more about our Mindfulness at Work Course?

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Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


I highly recommend this Mindfulness course! Each week brought another wonderful experience. Joanne’s style was an inspiration and gave us an appetite for more. I have discov…