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Mindfulness Course / Workshop – Workplace

Mindfulness Course, Workshop, Talk in the Workplace

Mindfulness Courses & Workshops – Onsite in Your Workplace

Participants Develop Skills that Power Sustained Health, Wellbeing & Peak Performance

Our Mindfulness Courses & Workshops are positive, practical, scientifically validated programmes adapted specifically for the workplace.

Participants learn to reduce stress reactivity, build calm, clarity and resilience; improve focus, confidence; develop self and social awareness…

Vast research has shown that a Mindfulness Course / Workshop supports peoples’ health & well-being, giving them tools to navigate difficult situations with more ease; as well as build resilience for dealing with high-pressure environments.

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Course…

Mindfulness at Work 6 Module Course for corporate governance over 3 half days

Mindfulness at Work Course“Excellent course! … I use a number of the tools to enhance my day to day life experience… I gained a lot of insight and a deep understanding of mindfulness and all its aspects. I notice that I deal differently with stressful situations and it has helped a lot with work challenges. Joanne is an excellent facilitator. She is articulate, has strong communication skills and delivered the course to the highest standard. The resources materials – handbook and guided meditations provided were excellent. I would highly recommend this course. Thank you Joanne for the gentle guidance, support, sensitivity, respect, enthusiasm and encouragement throughout.”

Mindfulness Courses / Workshops – Training Options

Mindfulness Courses – 1 Day / 2 Day / Weekly programmes

Options include the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course, the Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) Course or our own Mindfulness at Work (M@W) Course which includes elements of both (Mindfulness and Compassion), with content adapted for a corporate audience, relevant in a workplace setting. There are 6 / 8 sequential modules, taught at your location Mindfulness Course, workshop, talk in the workplaceover a period that best fits your schedule. Each module is based on a specific topic and learning is progressive.

Course materials – workbook and guided meditations are provided for each participant. To fully benefit from the training, participants need to engage in a brief daily practice.

Mindfulness Workshops – 1/2/4 hour Taster sessions

Workshops are designed to meet your specific need. (Please get in touch to discuss).

Approach – Joanne O’Malley brings almost 20 years of meditation practice to her work, along with diverse experience at management level in the corporate sector. This positions her uniquely in Ireland to offer skill building mindfulness training that is applicable in the workplace context and resonates with a corporate audience.

Programme activities include presentations, short talks, videos, experiential exercises, meditation practice, journalling, listening /communication and group discussion.

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Workshop…

Mindfulness at Work 2 Day Offsite Workshop

Mindfulness at Work Course

“Participants found the Mindfulness at Work to be really beneficial to them to help reduce stressful situations, maintain focus on the important things, improve employee relationships in the workplace as well as work / life balance issues. They found Joanne to be excellent in facilitating the workshop and the feedback was very positive afterwards”.

– Myles Molloy, Financial Controller, CLS

Mindfulness at Work Course BenefitsMindfulness Course, Workshop, Talk in the Workplace


In the workplace Mindfulness Training offers the following benefits to employees:

    • Less stress, tension, anxiety and fatigue
    • Sharpened focus, attention span, memory retention, executive functioning
    • Lowering of irritability, conflict and disputes
    • Better communication / collaborative teamwork / relationships
    • Enhanced decision making skill and creative problem solving
    • More resilient in dealing with pressure and changing demands
    • Boost in creativity and innovative thinking
    • Improved wellbeing, vitality, optimism, enthusiasm and job fulfilment.


Organisations benefit too!

  • Less absenteeism, sickness leave and presenteeism (people spending more time at work than required due to anxiety and insecurity).
  • Higher performance in terms of: productivity and creativity
  • More employee engagement, positivity, happiness and energy.

What clients say about our Mindfulness at Work Workshop…

Full Mindfulness at Work Course, delivered weekly over 2 months

Mindfulness at Work Course

“Wonderful 8 Week Course! Joanne’s enthusiasm and empathy encouraged full interaction from all participants. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive. Highly recommend!”


More feedback from clients about our Mindfulness at Work Course…

3 modules of Mindfulness at Work Course over 3 weeks

Mindfulness at Work Course

After the training course, 100% of respondents reported:

  • Better able to deal with stress
  • Learnt how to maintain a calm and clear state of mind
  • Improved focus on task

“I handle difficult situations more calmly, prioritise and work more efficiently. I gained self awareness, peace, a broader outlook and more happiness.”


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Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


This course was great for me. Definitely given me lots to look forward to this year. I feel and think differently. My life has slowed down and I am letting go. I can see the b…