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Mindfulness Refresher Workshop

Mindfulness Refresher Workshop

One or two day nurturing experiential workshop to refresh and re-invigorate your Mindfulness / Compassion practice. The emphasis during Saturday’s programme is Mindfulness and on Sunday it is self-compassion. 


Each full day programme gives participants an opportunity to intentionally move attention from ‘thinking’ and being ‘lost in the story in the head’ to ‘sensing’ the body, the breath and direct experience (touch, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling….. underneath the ‘veil of thought’).

Who is the Mindfulness Refresher for?

Both Mindfulness refresher days cater to anyone who has completed a Mindfulness Course or has some experience of meditation practice.

“Relaxing, thought provoking with great group interaction, lovely day! It has stayed with me. The facilitator was engaging, probing, challenging and compassionate. I highly recommend participation.” – Mary

What does each Mindfulness Refresher day involve?

Participants are lead through a range of practical exercises and guided meditations in a beautiful environment; we enjoy lots of silence and spaciousness which is a balm for the soul and a bit of playfulness and lightness too! Feedback from people who come is extremely positive.

Mindfulness Refresher Workshop

“One of the best days of my life! I feel rejuvenated and so many things have fallen into place for me. I cannot recommend this day in Clonlea Studios more highly. Joanne is a wonderful facilitator who helps participants make discoveries and explore insights that are transformational”

What else do I need to know? Mindfulness Refresher

Tea and coffee is provided. Please bring some lunch which the group will share together.

Comfortable clothes are recommended.

No need to bring anything else as all is available, unless you choose to bring your own yoga mat/cushion/blanket if you would like to (for lying or sitting practices).

For more information

Please don’t hesitate to contact Joanne if you have any query…

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