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Testimonials from participants

Joanne has taught over 50 Mindfulness Courses to hundreds of the public. Now, she is fully engaged facilitating Work Wellness & Mindfulness Trainings for leading organisations. Testament to the positive experience most people report after Mindfulness Training with Joanne, are positive testimonials and the very high return rate of participants for further /ongoing training.

Testimonials from Participants
Mindfulness at Work Courses / Workshops

“Words cannot express how much your wonderful teaching has enriched my life. I am looking at everything with new eyes and have a huge appreciation for life and living. You truly have a gift in the kind and compassionate manner you deliver your training; thank you from the bottom of my heart”
“Life changing – Most rewarding course I have ever taken. Learnt skills to calm myself when my buttons get pressed. I’m less reactive and make better decisions. I notice ‘stress’ and change my mind/body state. Support myself and others when challenged. The day seems to go better”
“Much more self aware, able to remain confident and calm even when deadlines are approaching. I don’t believe all the drama my mind can create. Just focus on giving my all to the task in hand and taking a breather before I move onto the next thing. ”
“Learnt valuable skills that help me to focus so I deal with projects more effectively… and refresh throughout the day. Enlightening and excellent!”
“I’m a better listener and communicator. I’ve changed my approach. Less rushing and more paying attention to each person I speak with! I manage my mind state (most of the time!) more calm, energy, confident and appreciative”
“Achieved more than I thought. Did not think it was ‘my thing’ but learnt just to pause sometimes and breath. Helps to re-charge especially when under pressure and energy gets less depleted”
“Found the course revelatory! Shifted my perspective about working effectively/managing people –I’m a nicer boss”
“Helps me focus and concentrate. Good to share with group and recognise similarities and all we have in common.”

Testimonials from Participants
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Courses (MBSR/MBCT)

The last 8 weeks were life changing. I’ve learned new skills and discovered resources within me that I’d never imagined were there. Thank you Joanne a hundred times for all the patience, teachings & support. This has made me a nicer, happier, more aware person.”
Eye opening!!! I found the course to be extremely beneficial in terms of identifying my ‘coping’ mechanisms towards stressful situations (or lack there of). The practical approach and group support were exactly what I needed to succeed in this course.”
I take away so many useful ideas, tips from this well structured course. The relief of being more aware of my thoughts and learning to let them go is huge. It feels so good not to run with the stories my mind is telling me. This has changed many ways I live my life. Thank you!”
Powerful experience! Mindfulness course really helped me to feel alive again, increased awareness of self, feeling more comfortable with intense feelings, able to be present in my day and in my pain.  I had not fully realised how closely body and mind are connected.”
I think everyone would benefit from this course. I’m very glad I finally found/made the time to practice Mindfulness/ Meditation. I found it really useful and enjoyable and have learned coping skills for stress and how to incorporate mindfulness in my daily life.”
When I arrived, my state of mind was in flux. Throughout the 8 weeks, I found that my mind shouted less and my body started to come to life and it is wonderful to be able to be in situations without Panic, just Acceptance. Thank you Joanne!”
Great course and would love to see it integrated into more aspects of life, work, our society. I found the experience calming and relaxing where I learned awareness and ways to be with myself, take time out and prioritise.”

Testimonials from Participants
Mindful Self Compassion Courses (MSC)

“Extremely beneficial. I am so glad that I did this course. I only wish it could go on longer! I have become more loving, gentle and kind towards myself. This has positively influenced my life and relationships with my family and friends. I am less hard on myself and more compassionate and understanding. I have gained a deeper awareness of my defaults.  I am more curious with myself eg.. questioning why I feel certain ways”
The course was really good and laid back and I seemed to drop my barriers automatically and open up! I am learning to accept myself as I am now and to stop looking for a perfect or better version of me. I am more accepting of my flaws, imperfections and to have self compassion. I genuinely feel that I have learned good skills to stop me falling into old habits and negative thoughts. I am also sleeping better.”
A very safe and nurturing space. Joanne embodies compassion and is highly skilled and concerned. I am very grateful and have gained a wide repertoire of meditation practices that I can skilfully  choose from and integrate into regular practice for my life.”
This is my 2nd course with Joanne and I can say it has changed my life in such a positive fashion. I have learned to deal with stress and anxiety much more skilfully.”
Wonderful! I only wish the course was 4 weeks longer! I gained so much more than I expected and it has made so many positive differences to my life. Our group was very special and I loved Joanne’s calmness, openness and overall beauty inside and out.”
I learned how to put distance between cause and reaction, I can now stop and breath and choose my response. I’m not striving and list making, if things don’t get done, no problem! I learned self compassion and the skills to breath and relax. Loved every minute of the Mindfulness course.
Learned a lot about myself and enjoyed lovely environment to chat and share about feelings. I can let thoughts / day dreams be there without them distracting me or stressing me out. I found the breathing space and short practical exercises extremely useful in gaining a better perspective for living a more fulfilling life.
Take life more easily. Accept things that happen and let my emotions and thoughts just be there as they occur and stop dwelling on them. I have been on many personal development courses but this one has had an incredibly positive impact on my life.  What is most wonderful is it teaches you the skills to be your own best friend through the ups and downs of life. To face your fears and that each of us is a wonderful gift to the world and others and most of all ourselves.”
Very very beneficial! I have learned not to block thoughts or even fear or any feelings but not to put focus or energy into them, they are just thoughts/feelings that don’t define me. I have learned that self compassion and minding myself are key also to a better me and more compassion for others. Every weekly session was extremely beneficial; I learned new ways to deal with things, a better approach.”

More Testimonials from Participants…

“I got a reminder that life keeps on happening and we don’t know what is next so I must not personalise the stresses that occur, its just life. I enjoy walking more. Even though my mind wanders, I bring it back to all my senses and appreciate my health and feet just to be able to walk and communicate with others.”
“What I liked most was that it gave me practical ways to become mindful.  It helped me, over the eight weeks make decisions that are changing how I live my life.  I enjoyed the entire experience, particularly the full day.”
“I found the course hugely interesting and enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 week journey and feel a lot more relaxed and less burdened. I feel it’s OK to take a step back and not to have to fix everything. I feel happier and I laugh more!”
“More beneficial that I thought it would be – much more! Having found out that ‘Breathing’ can anchor me in any situation is freedom in itself – that thoughts are only just that – thoughts and that I needn’t be scared of them – freedom! Being kind and accepting of myself gives me confidence that I will be able for any situation. Excellent course! Thanks so much Joanne for all your guidance and inspiration. Your soothing voice and expert handling of any queries with kindness and non judgement was so reassuring that all will be well.”
“Better sense of self. I slowed down physically and mentally. I expected it to be less of an effort but it has made a difference to my life.”
“Really helped me focus on present and manage my stress indicators. I enjoyed the group interaction and exercises and would like to do follow up course.”
“Changed my thinking to an extent that has made a substantial difference to the quality of my life. Thank you!”
I am changing the way I see the world and my own difficulties in particular. I am more aware of myself, my body, how I relate to everything. More positive, more real, not worrying about the past or the future as before.” 2014
“My main take aways were that thoughts are just thoughts and the 3 minute breathing space. I found the mindfulness course really good and useful – the time went by too quickly. There was a lot more to it than I expected and I think it is already making a difference in my life.”
“I learnt to create more distance with my thoughts, to watch them pass by rather than fight them internally / externally – this is helping to give me more peace – I need to keep working on this – it has definitely helped so far.  I loved the post meditation chat and sharing.”
“I found this mindfulness course liberating. I can say that I am more in touch with myself and have stopped, woken up from a coma!
Joanne has a lovely calm voice and is very open and flexible, makes everyone feel great. Many thanks for making a difference to my life. It’s much appreciated!”
“I think I probably had a romantic idea of mindfulness and how it would be. The practice has been very meaningful. I feel more grounded in my body and have gotten to know myself a little more intimately. I feel like I am taking more care of myself than ever before.”
“The Mindfulness course was very enjoyable and a really good experience. I particularly enjoyed the poetry and readings. I feel the course has helped me develop a plan / routine that brings mindfulness alive (I notice the colour of the sky and the trees) and into my life on a daily basis.”
“The Mindfulness course has made a ‘huge positive difference’. Every area of my life has changed dramatically for the better. I just cannot put into words how beneficial the course has been. I loved the emphasis on compassion. The facilitator was superb. Highly recommend!”
“Such a valuable experience! I got great tips for stress reduction at work and for use in my personal life in stressful situations. Mindfulness will definitely make a difference to me. There was helpful sharing in the group discussions and I found the all day session excellent at consolidating mindful practices.”
“A great big thank you for the last 6 weeks of Mindfulness Meditation, I got so much out of it! Though, I have been to other Mindfulness courses, this is the first time ever I am using the breath to come home to if I have heightened feelings of any kind, but especially anxiety for me and there is an instant calming. I am really so delighted to finally see Mindfulness is now part of my day to day life. Thank you for getting through to me! Whatever your magic way is it worked for me! You have created a beautiful Mindful Living course, with many special touches and moments. I loved when you stopped to read us poetry which just fitted in perfectly; you have a lovely relaxing voice which had a calming effect on me. I will be recommending this Mindfulness course to all my friends.”
“I have honestly felt that the last six weeks have been the most rewarding of my life. I now have a way of dealing with the difficult challenges I have to face. I feel confident and hopeful. Words cannot describe how wonderful a facilitator Joanne is and how good a Mindfulness Meditation Course this is.”
“Found the Mindfulness course excellent, the personal commitment, passion and enthusiasm from Joanne made the difference. It more than met my expectations and I really believe it will start a new path for me.  Mindfulness has made me believe for the first time that looking after me is important, more important than anything else.”
“I would thoroughly recommend this Mindfulness course. Each week brought another wonderful experience. Joanne’s style was a great inspiration to giving us a taste and an appetite for more. I have discovered a renewed excitement for life and experiencing each moment with a ‘beginner’s mind’.”
“I am so glad I found this Mindfulness course. It has already changed my life! Just everyday things like home and family relationships, my work, how I see and relate to myself, how I spend my free time… Over the weeks the daily practice has fostered a calmness and peace of mind in me that is new.”

More Testimonials /Feedback re: 8 Week MBSR Course

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It has been a nurturing and life affirming experience! I found the workbook excellent and will be referring to it for life. The stress reduction course was very helpful in encouraging me to make mindfulness part of my everyday life. My stress levels have significantly reduced.”
“Joanne really exemplifies Mindfulness in her delivery of the course. I’m definitely going to maintain a formal practice. I’m already much more aware of the physical reactions that my thoughts and emotions can set off in my body and I feel like I’m keeping my physiology more stable now.”
“I found the MBSR Course very beneficial. Lots to think about! I feel I am more aware of my feelings and my body now, less critical of myself, more accepting. It has already made a big difference but I am looking forward to follow up courses to develop more confidence.”
“This Mindfulness course was great for me. Definitely given me lots to look forward to this year. I feel and think differently. My life has slowed down and I am letting go. I can see the benefits of the exercises – I’m less stressed. I hope to maintain the practice.”
“I am on the beginning of my Mindfulness journey and this course has set me on the path with hope, compassion and love. I use the meditations everyday and it has made an enormous difference in my life. There was a lot of reference material and CDs which made it easier to grasp the concepts.”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the mindfullness course and realised a lot… about small things that will make a big difference in my life – that I am not my thoughts, how to connect to what’s really going on in me, how to cultivate stillness and calm and how to tap into my creativity. Silence opens everything up and I feel I have reconnected with my core self.”
“Mindfulness really allows me to become more aware of how I live my life. I now recognise what depletes my energy and sense of self. I have a lot of work to do but loved and got so much from the variety within each class, the meditation, talking, poetry and visual & auditory resources.”
“Many thanks for this wonderful mindfullness course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned lots of simple and practical meditations that I’ve been able to integrate into my life… the importance of stopping and taking time out to nourish myself has made a real difference.”
“I found the Mindfulness course very rewarding – it has opened a lot of doors or maybe opened one big door.”
“The course reinforced the potential of mindfulness to be a tool I can use to live differently and happier. I especially liked the meditations and discussion, found the facilitator excellent and would highly recommend.”
“Exactly what I was looking for – some tools to help me get things in perspective and not get caught up in the ‘chaos’ /’noise’ around me. This is the beginning of a journey for me. It’s a fantastic course that could benefit so many; self awareness is so important in work and life and I would love others to experience this.”
“Joanne’s MBSR course really brought Mindfulness to life. Practical and gentle exercises leading to real awareness, openness and curiosity. Course material summarised themes succinctly. I especially enjoyed poetry and highly interactive discussion was invaluable. Joanne’s excellent, challenging and compassionate.”
“I benefitted greatly from this very well structured course. Joanne is a lovely facilitator, warm and welcoming. I always felt completely at ease and comfortable and liked the mix of different experiences – meditation, poetry, music, discussion. I just want it to continue…”
“I found the 8 Week MBSR Course excellent. I had a very bad relationship with my body but that is changing now thanks to the course. My blood pressure has also decreased and I am sleeping better. I hope it lasts! I loved the group participation and support. Joanne was kind, warm, easy to talk to and never any pressure.”
“I feel like I have literally had an awakening and am looking forward to living a more mindful, less anxious and fearful life. I didn’t have any preconceptions so was totally open to the course; now I would definitely recommend it without hesitation. Joanne, the facilitator was excellent, very nurturing, yet not afraid to challenge us.”
“Yes, the 8 Week Mindfulness-Based-Stress-Reduction Course is already making a difference in a positive way. I loved the guided meditation CDs, the poetry and the music. I had been flirting with it for some time, found I benefited from the structure and though I found it challenging, it was in a good way!”
“The MBSR Course was excellent and much better even than I expected! It has already given me skills to cope better with both daily life and specific stressful situations. It will definitely make a huge difference and I think everyone should experience it. Joanne took time to make sure individual needs were addressed and provided great guided meditations and course content.”
“Self enlightment, slowing down… Probably what I expected but with lots more besides. Yes, it will make a difference and has already. I really enjoyed my time and feel mindfulness will be a part of my everyday life for evermore. The facilitator was compassionate, informative and accommodating.”
“I loved the experience. The course put structure and a name on what my gut felt and was craving for. I know how to look after myself and how I can help myself now. It is a good start to a better and more fulfilling life. The meditation practice itself is what made all the difference. When I am with my kids now I try to give them 100%. As a result, I enjoy this time, notice more in them and appreciate how wonderful they are.”
“Very interesting, challenging, thought provoking, not what I was expecting but rewarding. I love the guided mindfulness meditations we were given on CDs, very handy for home practice. Joanne also provided use with very useful web links and references.”
“Joanne’s Mindfulness programme has had a meaningful impact on my way of dealing with Life.  It has encouraged me to accept and acknowledge many of the challenges that life throws at me but to stop trying to think my way out of those challenges.  It has taught me to observe life differently, to appreciate the small positive things which happen every day and to be “in the moment” rather than getting lost in thought.”
“Gorgeous experience! I have begun to learn to live moment by moment. The Mindfulness Meditation course was much better and more helpful than expected. I feel happier in myself and am more open and accepting in how I deal with situations and people. I could not recommend the Mindful Living Course more highly!

Testimonials from participants of 6 Week Course in Mindful Living

“I found the Mindful Living course wonderfully stimulating and confirmed a lot of what I had been told. I am a giver, always have been and now I know I need to give to myself. Mindfulness has given me a lot of much needed skills to help me when I’m low and I realise that I have the strength to do it!”
Enlightening! I benefited greatly.  It has already made a big difference.  I hope it will continue”
Thank you Joanne for a wonderful Mindful Living experience; it has given me a new perspective on my life and the world in general. I am so glad I did it. Now, I feel a bit more confident in my inner resources to deal with life and realise that I am OK as I am and I don’t have to be so hard on myself.”
On my second 6 week Mindful Living course I have begun practicing DAILY!!! Yippee… I needed the 2nd course to make the practice a habit and found it different although lots of it, I’m sure were similar I seem to have experienced it very differently and just as wonderfully as before. I love the emphasis on compassion and how this is integrated throughout the practice.”
These six weeks have been a beautiful journey and the start of a new beginning. I am leaving light and happy filled with the hope and desire to use meditation to keep helping me to stay mindful moment after moment… and live my days and nights fully present. ”   2012
I just feel the way that Joanne has put the Mindful Living course together is beautiful and very sensitive – awakening all sorts of amazing things in us all. I keep thinking about the poetry but the short stories and every aspect of the course was just so nurturing for me! Every week I felt so enriched by coming. Also, anytime I mentioned my struggles with the practice Joanne was so attentive and so great at helping me unravel what the problem actually was. I just want to do more! Part 2???”     2012
Helpful, open, inspiring, encouraging … has given me hope and a feeling of peace and calm. Bring Mindfullness into my life has altered my perspective on so much, how I view myself / others / and situations. I like the person I am becoming when I am cultivating mindfulness. “  2012
From the moment I walked into the room I felt comfortable and happy. I’d finally found the right moment to let the past go. Everything felt right, presenter, group, atmosphere, energy and presence. I feel stronger, more peaceful, calmer and I finally have hope. Thank you!” 2012
The Mindful Living course has made a huge difference to my life. I feel like I am starting over with a whole new approach to living.”    2013
It was a really worthwhile programme which challenges you to try new techniques and new ways of dealing with things. Using ones breath as an anchor and a fallback to calmness and serenity is something which can be used in any stressful situation. I like knowing my thoughts do not equal me.”  2013
I cannot put into words how great an experience this Mindful Living has been and how beneficial. Thank you so much!”  2013
This course has already made such a difference. Living Mindfully is transforming my experience. I am more present in the precious moment, conscious of thoughts arising, letting go of outcomes. More awake, alert and alive. Thank you for this gift. “     2013
I found the six week course enabled me to practice, understand mindfulness much better. It was much better than I expected and I am glad to find myself remembering to do things mindfully. I have learnt new ways of approaching situations and it is making a difference in how I live my life.” 2013
It was just perfect.”   2013
I got a sense of calm and contentment from doing this Mindful Living course. Yes, it was what I expected and better. It is making such a difference and I hope to continue.”   2013
A wonderful sharing experience… to discover others share thoughts that I have was a relief”
I had no set expectations but I knew I needed help. Now, I know it has made and will continue making a difference. This Mindfulness course has helped me accept myself, cracks and all.”   2013
Thank you so much for your guidance and direction in self compassion, acceptance and living in the moment.”   2013
Wonderful, the Mindful Living course was charming in its simplicity. I feel encouraged to be more compassionate towards myself and others and step back from thoughts.”   2013
I feel inspired to continue ‘practicing’ and will look at things differently from now… great sharing!”   2013
I found the Mindfulness course rewarding and useful going forward. It will make a big difference to my life, even in work.” 2013
I found attending a weekly session really helped me. I have definitely become more mindful in my daily life but still struggle with a set time to practice daily.”   2013
Very insightful. Very useful for life! I did’nt know what to expect at the start. I think it has made a difference and I want to remain conscious and Mindful which I hope I will. I intend to continue to practice. I have already recommended the course to many of my friends!”  2013
Thoroughly enjoyed the Mindfulness course. I enjoyed practicing meditation and focusing on the present moment. I will try to build formal mindfulness into my daily life going forward. Would definitely recommend the course to others.”  2013
I have been living with Awareness for some years – I found the Mindfulness course re-assuring and enlightening as I did not do meditation before. I loved being made aware of the use of meditation and the body scan as a way of ‘dropping into’ the moments.”   2014
This Mindfulness course has made such a difference to me. Now, I am more able to dismiss negative / worrying thoughts, more aware of breathing, relaxation and focusing on the here and now. I loved everything we covered on the course and will definitely recommend it.”   2014

Testimonials from participants of Introductory Workshop

A wonderful experience throughout the day of Mindfulness, no racing mind and a feeling of awareness and composure”
I believe it will make a huge difference to me and those around me. I started off nervous and ended up very much at ease and hopeful of becoming more and more at ease with life through mindfulness”
I am actually coming out of the Mindfulness workshop very excited to try out and use to make a difference long term. Encouraging, reinforced belief that mindfulness will be of great benefit in my search for my true self and my purpose in life.”
I wondered what it would really be about and I think that I am only tipping the tip of the iceberg – I am looking forward to the Mindfulness course because it is now the next phase of my life? Greatly enjoyed body scan, all the poems, readings and listening to you speaking”
A very heartfelt Mindfulness workshop – a powerful sharing experience. I felt very privileged to be a part of it. The layout and programme was very professional, it was better than expected as I was unsure about a group setting.”
It was my first time doing mindfulness and I did not really know what it was about beforehand. I found it to be an emotional experience but am looking forward to doing more…”
I had no expectations – completely clean sheet – I have gotten so much out of it this day of Mindfulness – I want to develop it and keep it up.”
Wonderful day of Mindfulness, I have never felt so relaxed – i think i am finally ready to became myself and you never know what might happen. I really enjoyed all of the exercises. I loved the short breathing exercises as a tool against stress. I loved the body scan.”
I enjoyed the mindfulness exercises today, i got relaxation and contentment out of today and practical exercised that I can do everyday. I never thought that mindfulness could be applied to so much in life; walking, moving, eating. It was enjoyable, interesting, calming, soothing, informative; what I hoped for and I feel that I will take a lot from it.”
Was amazed at how much I enjoyed switching off, but do feel exhausted….and at ease, so I really hope to continue. Really enjoyed the different meditations.”
I was able to completely let go of everything and really enjoyed today’s Mindfulness experience”
Relaxing, thought-provoking, encouraging, Exceeded expectations. I’d know that it will make a difference.”

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I am so glad I found this course. It has already changed my life! Just everyday things like home / relationships, work, how I see and relate to myself, how I spend free time… …