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Workplace Wellness Talk / Workshop

Workplace WellnessWorkplace Wellness Talk / Workshop 

Stress and mental ill health is the leading cause of sickness absence (and presenteeism – people spending more time at work thank is required due to anxiety and insecurity) in Ireland now.
Mindfulness at Work offer onsite workplace wellness programmes to respond to the increased need for positive mind fitness and resilience within the workplace. Our training teaches the skills of stress management, supporting employees to develop healthier habits in work and life. A successful corporate wellness programme needs to be supported by a healthy culture throughout the wider business.

Joanne O’Malley is one of Ireland’s leading professional trainers and speakers in the area of Wellbeing and Workplace Wellness. She has worked with many of Ireland’s top companies providing training and has wide experience delivering a range of talks to support your employees. Topics include Stress Management, Positive Mind Fitness, Building Resilience, Finding Balance and more…

Can a Workplace Wellness programme be customised to suit our needs?

Workplace Wellness Talks and Workshops can be delivered specific to your area of interest. Content is action orientated and includes practical tips that participants can implement immediately. Typical topics include:

Work Wellbeing

  • Employee Wellness : Being at Your Best
  • Wellness & Wellbeing at Work
  • Positive Mind Fitness at Work
  • Stress Management
  • Building Resilience & Confidence
  • Corporate Wellness at Work
  • Mental Health and How to Keep It
  • Managing Pressure and Workload
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Positive Leader, Positive Workplace
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Managing Caregiver Fatigue – Learning Skills to Support Self
  • Compassion in the Workplace – self and others.

 Workplace Wellness Professional Trainer

Joanne is a warm and captivating speaker. Passionate about bringing health, effectiveness and enthusiasm to the heart of organisations. She creates and delivers practical and thought provoking Employee Wellness & Stress Management programmes, which lead to changes in attitudes and behaviour.

Her stye is interactive, dynamic and motivating. Her approach is to ‘draw people out’ and help them make ‘discoveries for themselves’ rather than lecturing. This makes for a fun, relaxed and engaging onsite training event and client feedback is always very positive. 

“Excellent sessions giving all of our employees tools and skills. Joanne delivered the training in a friendly, enthusiastic and motivational manner. Will continue to use Joanne’s services moving forward. Thank you Joanne and here’s some feedback from the team: ‘Session was excellent, really related to Joanne and will use the skills I’ve taken away’  ‘Was very sceptical going into the training, but actually really enjoyed the content – found it  very useful’ ‘Enjoyed the session a lot – look forward to more’  ‘Brilliant Workshop, really enjoyed the exercises – can really use some of what I learned in the course in my daily Job’



“Joanne delivered a half day introductory, Mindfulness at Work training in our office to a group of 13 people. It was a really interesting session where even the sceptics in the group came away with learnings they can use in their personal and professional relationships. An excellent training for any individuals or groups working in a fast paced environment. Joanne will give you tips and exercises on how you can manage stress and focus better. Highly recommended! Thank you Joanne”


“By listening closely to our needs, Joanne presented fresh, engaging talks connecting mindfulness to safe working… personal wellbeing at work and beyond, and on how to turn complacency, lapse of concentration and ‘mindless’ behaviours into more highly aware and positive ways of working”Work Wellbeing
Liam Thompson, Supply Chain, ESB

Why schedule a Workplace Wellness Talk/Workshop?

Every organisation wants a workforce that is:

  • FocusedWork Wellbeing
  • Confident
  • Optimistic
  • Vital
  • Resilient
  • Friendly
  • Effective                        

rather than

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Negative
  • Exhausted
  • Rigid
  • Confused
  • Confrontational.

Our Workplace Wellness talks and workshops teach people practical skills for managing their mind and mental states so they can function at their best even in high pressure environments.

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness programme

What attendees of Workplace Wellness Talks / Workshops Say…


Mindfulness Talk

“Really beneficial! Opened my eyes! Thought-provoking, Encouraging, A must for every person faced with the endless task-list and relentless distractions in today’s workplace.”


“Joanne delivered a Mindfulness at Work course to our employees as part of our Employment Wellness day. All our participants really engaged and took some very valuable information away, particularly re: stress management. Highly recommend any company getting in touch with Joanne to avail of her broad expertise.”


“Very beneficial and I think every organisation should incorporate Workplace Wellness training regularly.” Very helpful hints and a great practical session” “Will defiantly use some of the practices” Really enjoyed the session, and the tips have already been beneficial” “Very helpful! Yesterday, I used the breathing techniques to calm me down in a very stressful situation. So it was not just good for work, but also very practicable in day to day life.” “Excellent delivery – enjoyed the session.”


Feedback from Clients - Mindfulness at Work Training
“Positive feedback from the talk which Joanne delivered. Participants found the session really useful and were given practical tips to incorporate mindfulness into the workplace to increase focus and attention. Joanne’s approach was informal and conversational so that participants felt very comfortable.”


“Very thought provoking workshop…and extremely beneficial. It covered the basic ideals whilst encouraging everyone to bring their own individual thoughts and feelings into the session. The trainer managed to enthuse the group of 30 individuals and gave them useful tips to carry with them into their everyday lives.
–   Elaine Curtis, Finance and HR, SHINE



“Session was very engaging and interactive and I though extremely helpful, a lot of valuable take aways from it… I would be interested in doing more…”


“We asked Joanne to deliver a 2.5 hour introduction to Mindfulness to the team offsite. Participants reported that they found the Mindfulness session very useful and the team enjoyed learning techniques to deal with stress and be more present.”


“It was really good, very engaging and interactive, felt more relaxed and hopefully we can implement some of what we learnt into practice… A very beneficial and worthwhile hour!. I learnt a lot! I can really see how essential these skills are for managing stress, maintaining focus and working best.”

Like to know more about our Workplace Wellness Talks and Workshops?


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Workplace Wellness Talk / Workshop November 16, 2014


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