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Be Your Best Self – Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

BE Your Best Self Workshop

Mental Fitness & Emotional Wellbeing

BE your best self workshopEveryone knows that’s training makes our bodies stronger, fitter and more flexible. Now, neuroscience shows that mindfulness training cultivates the innate capaciities of the mind to be present, to step out of automatic pilot and to be calmer, focused, creative, even compassionate. This workshop teaches you simple everyday practices so you can ‘BE YOUR BEST SELF’; practices that strengthen mental and emotional wellbeing.

BE your best self Workshop – Outcomes     BE your best self workshop

  • Learn about the foundation blocks to mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Have a toolkit of simple practices to incorporate into everyday
  • Understand that relationships matter and nurture quality ones
  • Focus on what you can control, how YOU relate to anything.

After the training course, 100% of respondents reported:

  • Better able to deal with stress
  • Learnt how to maintain a calm and clear state of mind
  • Improved focus on task

“I handle difficult situations more calmly, prioritise and work more efficiently. I gained self awareness, peace, a broader outlook and more happiness.”

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Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


Gorgeous experience! I have begun to learn to live moment by moment. The course was much better than expected. I feel happier in myself and am more open and accepting in how I… Read more
Mary Lou