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Build Resilience – Workplace Wellbeing Talk / Workshop

Build Resilience & Mental Fitness

– Workplace Wellbeing Talk / Workshop

Build Resilience Workshop

A stress free, resilient, focused, alert state of mind is essential if you are to thrive. This mindset gives you the capacity to deal with the pressure and the non-stop change of high performance. The reason some people can adapt well to change and recover quickly from challenge, is because they practice positive coping strategies. They also replenish themselves on an ongoing basis. Anyone can develop their resilience & mental fitness, as these are trainable skills. This workshop shows you how.

Build Resilience Talk/ Workshop Outcomes

  • Stress indicators to be aware of
  • How you respond to pressure forms the foundation of resilience
  • Have tools to re-set panic, self calm when challenged
  • Reversing negative self talk and criticism
  • Be practiced at negotiating intense feelings and re-framing thoughts
  • Develop positive strategies for strengthening resilience and courage.

What clients of previous talks / workshops said:

Build Resilience Workshop“Joanne is a true professional with a high level of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Amazing feedback from the staff in attendance. Joanne provides an excellent service and is adaptable and fun with role play and fielding all questions relating to stress, wellbeing, working environments and everything in between. Would highly recommend Joanne for all businesses and hope to see her again in the near future. Thank you for everything Joanne.”

“Joanne joined us for the second time this year to facilitate a Resilience and Mental Fitness talk as part of the World Mental Health Day. The talk was informative and very engaging. Received very positive from all the participants.”

Build Resilience Workshop“Joanne came to Galway and spoke at the Medtronic Wellness event. She gave a couple of talks on Wellbeing at Work and Home. The talks were very well received and exactly what we were looking for. I attended both talks myself and was blown away by Joanne’s passion. Her style is very engaging and professional and gets everyone in the room participating. There were lots of take aways and participants approached her at the end looking for more. We would be delighted to have her back.”

“The whole session was brilliant! All very positive feedback from the Resilient & Adaptable to Change Workshop we ran as part of our staff training day. People said it was really beneficial to learn practical tools that they can use in challenges in a day to day setting. There was good discussion, everyone got involved, staff were able to give examples of real challenges they may face and Joanne was able to give practical advice on dealing with these challenges. Joanne’s approach and style were easy going and relaxed. I would happily recommend Joanne to anyone thinking of partaking in such training”


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