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Improve Performance & Manage Change – Case Study

Various International Online Service & Software Companies wanted to provide their Customer Care teams a workshop to learn practical skills to improve performance and manage change.

With the endless pressure and pace of the online world, so many distractions and changes, it’s no wonder that maintaining focus, calm alertness and adaptability is a huge challenge. Learning some simple Mindfulness practices that can be integrated into everyday can make a big difference.

Improve Performance & Manage Change Case Study

Improve Performance & Manage Change – Case Study

What clients say…

Joanne delivered a half day introductory, Mindfulness at Work training in our office to a group of 13 people. It was a really interesting session where even the sceptics in the group came away with learnings they can use in their personal and professional relationships. An excellent training for any individuals or groups working in a fast paced environment. Joanne will give you tips and exercises on how you can manage stress and focus better. Highly recommended! Thank you Joanne

Inspirational Mindfulness at Work Introductory workshop. I loved it! … We are now equipped with many skills to practice mindfulness (and be less fearful despite constantly changing environment).


Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


Thoroughly engaging. Beautiful in its simplicity. Returning to a 2nd course is an anchor for me and reinforces the benefits of meditation. I learned to put distance between ca… Read more