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Here are a selection of articles written by or about Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work that featured in the media.

The Journal : Bringing mindfulness into the workforce makes good business sense


Bringing Mindfulness into the workforce makes good business sense

Overwhelmed employees are the most significant challenge to business success in Ireland, writes Joanne O’Malley.

ALTHOUGH RESEARCH HAS clearly stated that the ‘overwhelmed employee ’ is the most significant challenge to business success in Ireland, with a Deloitte report stating it is “contributing to reduced productivity, reduced decision making and lower levels of engagement” many organisations are failing to address this critical issue and continuing to operate in high pressured, cut throat environments.

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Sunday Independent : Mindfulness can give your business a competitive edge


Sunday Independent Mindfulness

Companies are looking towards mindfulness courses as a way of increasing productivity and lowering stress levels, writes Fiona McBennett

Mindfulness practitioner Joanne O’Malley delivers work-based mindfulness programmes to businesses across Ireland with her company, Mindfulness at Work.ie. Having previously worked in the corporate world, O’Malley has first-hand experience of how beneficial the practice can be.

I became very aware of how overloaded the working environment is in terms of technology and how it’s an environment that’s always on…

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The Journal : How practising mindfulness helps work life


The Journal Mindfulness

Some of the world’s most successful companies are investing in mindfulness training for their employees to help them deal better with stress and workplace challenges, writes Joanne O’Malley

‘MINDFULNESS’ MEANS BEING present in the moment, aware of what is going on inside and around us instead of engrossed in the merry-go-round of our thoughts and emotions. Meditation quiets the mind and fosters new ways of relating to whatever external stressors emerge in the workday.

Everyone knows that training makes our body stronger, fitter and more flexible. Now, neuroscience research shows that mindfulness training cultivates the innate capacities of the mind to be present; to step out of automatic pilot and to create space so we can be clearer, calmer, more focused, more creative, even more compassionate.

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RTÉ investigates Brain Changes from Mindfulness


RTE Radio 1 Mindfulness

Brain changes from Mindfulness

The first episode of the new RTÉ Radio 1 science show ‘What’s it all about?’ was broadcast last night with an exploration of the brain.  How it works? What happens when it doesn’t? And lots more including how science and neuro-imaging technology detects the brain changes from mindfulness.

Some background sounds from Joanne O’Malley of Mindfulness at Work guiding a meditation were recorded and included in the programme, to give the audience a sense of what happens in a class. If you’d like to hear the show, you can stream / podcast from here or from RTÉ.

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WMB : Mindfulness enables optimum performance


WMBNOW Mindfulness

Article written by Joanne O’Malley

Are you facing another ‘crazy busy’ day? Are you always rushing, trying to get it all done, working flat out just to stay afloat, dealing with problems and distractions non-stop yet hardly ever getting to what is important because the urgent always gets in the way?

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T & D Magazine : Reducing Stress with Mindfulness


Reducing Stress with Mindfulness

…Paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally – Jon Kabat Zinn

Article written by Joanne O’Malley

Mindfulness refers to simply being fully present and conscious, giving your attention to what you are doing instead of ‘lost’ in the ‘whirl’ of thoughts and emotions.

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Mental Health Ireland : Mindfulness Stress Busting Tips


Mental Health Ireland - Miindfullness

‘Man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude’ – William James

Mindfulness Stress Busting Tips by Joanne O’Malley

The world teaches us to focus on externals; we end up accepting the popular belief that STRESS is caused by events, circumstances and other people outside our control. This is misleading and encourages us to search outside of ourselves for solutions

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YTI Magazine : Mindfulness – How to?


Mindfulness - is it for you?

Are you enjoying your life? Did you enjoy the last hour? If not, why not?

Article written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work
Mindfulness – How to? explains that the mind’s habit of  worrying about what might happen, some future difficulties that might arise or being pre-occupied with a drama that happened yesterday / last week may not be the best way to live and offers an alternative…

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The Journal : Opinion: What is ‘compassion’?


The Journal - Compassion

Compassion can improve physical and mental health, well-being, happiness, success and interpersonal relationships… so how can you cultivate it?      writes by Joanne O’Malley

The narrow definition of ‘compassion’ is the feeling of concern that arises when we encounter pain and suffering, our own as well as others’. It involves the motivation to relieve this suffering and is natural in everyone, though often not acted upon. In a wider sense, compassion is the most transforming energy in the universe with all…

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The Journal : Opinion – Have yourself a Mindful Christmas


The Journal - Have yourself a Mindful Christmas

THERE IS A chill and a sparkle in the air and an aroma of pine leaves. Leaves of trees are piled on footpaths, wistful romantic tunes jingle – “I’ll be home for Christmas”, colourful lights twinkle, people bustle, writes Joanne O’Malley.

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