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Our Mindful Leadership Course & Workshop provides a sequential pathway towards developing the skills of authentic leadership. Using Mindfulness and Compassion Training, we help leaders & managers build the emotional intelligence skills needed for sustained peak performance. What results is more engaged employees, healthier & happier teams, a vital upbeat culture and a sustainable organisation.
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Why Us? Ask our clients…

“It was a great experience for me to offer a Mindful Leadership Course to the customer care team in Kerry and to launch this with Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work who is a true professional. I truly believe in this training and reported outcomes clearly shows me why…”

More self aware – 78%
More aware of impact of mood – 89%
More level headed and calm – 73%
More attentive and better listener – 73%
More compassionate in dealing with difficult people – 73%
Enhanced ability to reduce stress – 73%
Mindfulness supports my wellbeing – 81%
Clearer about my values and express these in work – 76%

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Mindful Leadership Training Options

Mindful Leadership Workshop – 2 hours to half day

Mindful Leadership Workshops are an experiential 2 hours to half-day training to give you an overview of mindful leadership.
Workshops work well to introduce leadership / management teams to Mindfulness – what it is and why the research shows it matters. People get a chance to sample lots of different practices and walk away with practical tools that they can use day to day to cope more effectively.

Mindfulness and Business Leadership Intensives – 1 and 2 Day programmes

Intensives are deeply engaging 1 / 2 day programmes designed to radically transform the way leaders/managers work and lead. They are bespoke programmes to fit your specific business objectives and provide an opportunity to pause, reflect on current practice, gain insight and open perspectives. Participants walk away refreshed, with renewed vigour and skill to inspire and lead their people.

Full Mindful Leadership Course – 8 modules and one offsite retreat day

The full 8 module Mindful Leadership course is most effective when rolled out over 8 sequential weeks; with sessions of 75 – 90mins duration plus one full offsite day.  However, some organisations prefer to schedule it over half or full days. Participants are asked to commit to a short daily practice for the duration of the programme.

An Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching – ECR™ is an optional part. Joanne is a fully certified and licensed coach.

Reported outcomes from the Mindful Leadership Course show significant improvements across many dimensions.

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 Mindful Leadership Course Benefits

Outcomes for organisations

The training develops leaders who demonstrate compassion, confidence, integrity and inspire trust & enthusiastic collaboration. 

  • Positive energetic culture where each can give their best and all move towards collective goals
  • New standards for performance, wellness & vitality within and between teams
  • More creativity and flexibility in dealing with constantly changing business environment
  • Happier, healthier workforce means more effective, productive and sustainable organisation.


This was a great course, enhancing self awareness, self development and emphasising the emotional & physical importance of implementing mindfulness & emotional intelligence into daily life.”  

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Mindful Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Outcomes for leaders

Develop Charisma (Presence), Self Mastery, Relationship Skill…

  • Improved focus, concentration, clarity, strategic thinking, envisioning
  • More resilient, self confident, able to prioritise, reach high standards
  • Increased composure, level headedness, optimism which impacts everyone
  • Enhanced listening & communication facilitates better collaboration & team cohesion
  • Better decision making with stronger commitment towards achieving goals
  • More empathy & relationship skill inspires trust and employee engagement.

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Feedback from Clients - Mindfulness at Work Training

“Our team at Kilkenny would like to give a big thumbs up to the Mindful Leadership session!
Lots of insight and good reflection, really well worth doing, we believe these core principles are even more relevant in these times.
Joanne’s practices are extremely beneficial.
The workshop helped our leadership team to take the time out by learning how to focus on living in the moment and by gaining a more positive outlook.”

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Mindful Leadership July 26, 2014


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