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Mindfulness & Compassion Workshop – Blackrock, Dublin

Date:       See schedule for upcoming dates

Time:       10am to 4pm

Venue:     Blackrock, Dublin

In the East there is no difference between the word for Mind and Heart so another word for Mindfulness is: Heartfulness. There are certain attitudes that we bring to the practice of Mindfulness and that Mindfulness in turn fosters in us: Non-judging, Patience, Beginners Mind, Trust, Non-striving, Acceptance and Letting go.

What does the Compassion Workshop cover?

This is a different way of being than many of us are used to. Compassion stands up to the harm caused by: Judging, Pushing, Striving, Forcing. Mindfulness & Compassion Training enable us to recognise when we’re under stress and face what’s happening in our lives and to take a kinder and more balanced approach to life’s challenges.

Mindfulness and Compassion training enable us to make a space between event and reaction, and within that space, choose how to react. Rather than continually judging and evaluating ourselves and others, compassion enables us to be kinder and more accepting of people as imperfect human beings, learning to be present with the inevitable struggles of life with greater ease. It motivates and supports us in making needed changes in our lives because we care about ourselves/others and want to lessen suffering.  Practice builds the habit of responding with kindness and understanding rather than criticism and judgement.

What will happen in the Mindfulness and Compassion workshop?

This 1 day Compassion workshop is an experiential programme focused on cultivating compassion. Participants are guided through a range of exercises and meditations through sitting, moving and lying down.

Group participation / sharing of experience is an important part of the day and offers one another support and the opportunity to cultivate compassion and gain confidence.

“A very heartfelt workshop – a powerful sharing experience. I felt very privileged to be a part of it. The layout and programme was very professional, it was better than expected as I was unsure about a group setting.” Helen

What else do I need to know?

Please bring some lunch which the group will share. Layers of comfortable clothes are recommended and bring a yoga mat/cushion/blanket/towel if you would like (for lying or sitting) or you can use whatever is available.

For more information

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