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Workplace Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness Course, Workshop, Talk in the Workplace

Mindfulness at Workplace Course / Mindfulness Meditation at Work

Participants Develop Skills that Power Sustained Health, Wellbeing & Peak Performance

Our Mindfulness at Workplace Courses & Mindful Meditation Workshops are positive, practical, scientifically validated programmes created specifically for a corporate workplace setting.

Mindfulness at Workplace Course BenefitsMindfulness Course, Workshop, Talk in the Workplace


In the workplace Mindfulness Training offers the following benefits to employees:

    • Less stress, tension, anxiety and fatigue
    • Sharpened focus, attention span, memory retention, executive functioning
    • Lowering of irritability, conflict and disputes
    • Better communication / collaborative teamwork / relationships
    • Enhanced decision making skill and creative problem solving
    • More resilient in dealing with pressure and changing demands
    • Boost in creativity and innovative thinking
    • Improved wellbeing, vitality, optimism, enthusiasm and job fulfilment.

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Organisations benefit from Mindfulness Meditation at Work too!

  • Less absenteeism, sickness leave and presenteeism (people spending more time at work than required due to anxiety and insecurity).
  • Higher performance in terms of: productivity and creativity
  • More employee engagement, positivity, happiness and energy.

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What clients say about Workplace Mindfulness Courses?

“Joanne recently delivered a bespoke course for myself and my colleagues. This was one of the best training experiences ever! Joanne was friendly, professional, enthusiastic, motivational and caring. Really fantastic! My colleagues and I got so much out of this 2 day customised training course, both professionally and personally. Joanne is an inspiring trainer… we would love ongoing support from her and would not go anywhere else. Highly recommended!!”

“Wonderful course on mindfulness that fully fitted our needs and complimented our WellBeing Programme. Joanne’s enthusiasm and empathy encouraged full interaction from all participants and the feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend both the course and Joanne as a facilitator.”

What participants say about Workplace Mindfulness Courses?

“Fabulous I think it’s a super course. It is actually life changing. I liked all of it and have learnt so many useful things to incorporate into my life. I feel a lot calmer in myself and know I want to allow more self compassion in my life. Easy practices to make a worthwhile habit, like the body scan, nurturing practice and the discussions helped me to see we are all the same.”

“I found it really beneficial. I am more aware of how to be in the moment and feel I am better equipped for stressful situations. I am more calm in situations and rather than launching into ‘panic mode’ I can step back and re-evaluate. I really liked the words of advice such as: ‘others actions are theirs, your reaction is yours. It’s a very useful course, something that is having a very positive impact in my personal and professional life. I’m able to enjoy things more. The instructor is excellent, super patient and prepared. Thank you!”

“Very thought-provoking and practical in terms of how to practice and bring mindfulness into life. I’m more confident in my interaction with stakeholders. More prioritisation on time for myself and energy levels. I liked the tips for commuting and the practical nature of the course”

“Fantastic! Hugely insightful and practical in terms of how we can use this day-to-day. I’m more aware of the importance of checking in with myself and how small daily practices can make a difference. I feel really energised about the new tools I have – grateful for the opportunity and glad my organisation recognises the need for this. I’m more emotionally aware / in tune and liked the body scan, sitting practice and self compassion too. It’s been really insightful to spend time on my – understanding ‘me’, more I think will really enrich my work relationships.”



Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


I just feel that the way the course is put together is beautiful and very sensitive – awakening all sorts of amazing things in us. A very safe & nurturing space, every week I …