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Working Remotely – 3 skills you need to help you cope and thrive.

Working remotely in difficult times isn’t easy.
Dr. Martyn Newman suggests three skills you need to develop to help you cope and thrive.

1. Relationships / Social connection

Social distancing maybe key to limiting the spread of the virus. But, it’s vital to distinguish physical distancing from social connection. Our relationships with other people are the best antidote to the current stress and the most reliable source of personal well-being.


A way of sensing opportunities as well as developing deep emotional resilience to manage adversity. Right now, nobody knows what the future will bring. So, rather than being consumed by anxiety / worry (about what might happen), leaning in to the present moment (whether that is a task to be done or an opportunity to play with your children / go for walk).

3. Self-reliance

How much confidence you have new ability to exercise control of yourself / your behaviour.  Now is the moment to dig deep.
Lean into these three skills to help you and yours now.

Changing Culture in the Workplace – Resilience & Self Compassion

In Changing Culture in the Workplace, Kristen Neff talks about how Self Compassion is vital (and predictive) of RESILIENCE and the ability to cope in difficulty.

She also describes in detail what self compassion is, why it matters and explores what the research shows.

Changing Culture in the Workplace – Self Compassion and Resilience

Studies validate that Self Compassion is positively correlated with Emotional Wellbeing. It decreases negative emotional states (stress, anxiety, rumination, depression), while increasing positive emotional states and behaviours (optimism, motivation, accountability, responsibility).

Mindfulness at Work provides a range of training options, specifically geared to develop these skills and change culture in workplaces. Please get in touch to learn more


Understanding, not punishment


Sense of Common Humanity

Everybody goes through this



Neither ignoring nor exaggerating feelings of failure


Eckhart Tolle – Staying conscious in the face of adversity

During the coronavirus pandemic, Eckhart Tolle advises that we stay conscious in the face of adversity.

He says this time of less ‘busyness’ offers an opportunity for each person to dig deep.

To BE HERE, to be PRESENT and to find what is deepest within.

Here are some guided meditations to help you to deal with natural fear and anxiety as well as cultivate presence and inner stillness.  

Alan Watts – The Mind

Alan Watts speaks about the tendency of our ‘monkey mind’ towards compulsive thinking, worrying, distraction and how Meditation leads to a progressive quietening of the mind.

Kristin Neff: Ted Talk

Kristin Neff speaks at Ted Talks about ‘The space between Self Esteem and Self Compassion’. She explains how Mindful Self Compassion trumps self esteem without the downside and is a healthier way of relating to ourselves.  Research shows that self-compassion boosts happiness, self confidence, optimism, creativity, gratitude and reduces anxiety, depression, perfectionism, body shame, fear of failure and satisfying relationships. Click to learn about a Mindful Self Compassion Course > 

BBC investigates : Can Mindfulness help us deal with stress?

BBC investigates : Can Mindfulness help us deal with stress?

On Jan 27th 2011, the BBC explored whether Mindfulness can help us deal with stress. This clip shows how mindfulness meditation can physically reshape the brain and thought processes and bring big benefits. These changes can be seen in a brain scan. Powerful!

Ruby Wax : ‘Sane New World’ – All in the mind

Comedian and writer Ruby Wax has suffered bouts of depression throughout her life and finally made it public.

She went on to study psychotherapy and neuroscience — and took a comedy show about mental illness on tour around the wards of mental health institutions. She wrote a book entitled: ‘Sane New World’ and speaks here about why our minds can send us mad and how we can rewire our thinking.

Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast

Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast

Mind over matter: Can meditation bring happiness?

The BBC find out if there is a scientific basis for meditation bringing happiness

Daniel Goleman : Response to Gallup Employee Engagement Report

The Gallup Organization recently reported that only 30% of surveyed employees are engaged at work. That means companies aren’t getting their best out of people, and employees are not motivated to perform. They’re either bored or burned out.

Daniel Goleman argues that the remedy isn’t simply finding new managers to motivate teams, it’s about committing to continuous improvement for all employees throughout the organization. The good news is that we can continue to develop throughout life and given the direct correlation between a leader’s state and the team & organization’s state it makes a lot of sense to do so!

Professor Paul Gilbert : Strengthening the Mind through the Power of Self Compassion

In the competitive, materialistic world in which we live, one might ask: why do we need compassion?

Professor Paul Gilbert explains why it is essential and the reason for the movement around the world to bring compassion back into everything we do – business, economics and more…

Mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn

Jon Kabat Zinn leads a session on Mindfulness at Google in which he says that our entire society is suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) certifiably diagnosed.It all about doing and there is no recognition of being and so there is no place to rest (hence alarming growth in stress, depression etc…statistics where individuals are disconnected from themselves, each other and our whole planet). Unless our stone age mind engages in a little self education it can really wind up getting stuck in realms of confusion, suffering, being lost and maybe even impeding creativity, imagination, real thoughtfulness, leadership because we’re not running on all cylinders. Meditation is like tuning your instrument before you take it out on the road. Tuning it in the morning can make a huge difference on how the whole day goes… Cultivating Mindfulness or Awareness is all about saying, there is plenty of place and time to rest, because awareness is boundless and infinitely available in every moment no matter what you are doing…

Mark Williams : The Science of Mindfulness

Mark Williams investigates the science of Mindfulness – how brain patterns change when people do Training. Mindfulness reduces the risk of recurrent depression by half. People experience less stress and negativity and more compassion…

Mindfulness @ Work : Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman explores how mindfulness can be applied by organisations and businesses to make better leaders and improve the quality of the workplace.

Mark Williams : more on the science of Mindfulness…

Want to learn more about Mindfulness?

Professor Mark Williams from Oxford University delivers this lecture to the public about the science of mindfulness.

Paul Gilbert: How Mindfulness Fosters Compassion

Want to understand how Mindfulness helps us to become more compassionate?

Author and therapist Paul Gilbert explores how awareness of how our own minds work can help break negative thought patterns and help us to become kinder and more compassionate.

Thich Nhat Hanh speaks to Oprah

Beautiful interview, deep and powerful. Oprah Winfrey talks to Thich Nhat Hanh about becoming a monk, meeting Martin Luther King Jr, the powers of mindfulness and compassion in everyday life, deep compassionate listening; how to transform and heal conflict and learn from suffering; insight. Jesus and the bible also teach us to be present and aware right now. How to deeply transform relationships with Mindfulness.

Kristin Neff : Self Kindness

Kristin Neff speaks about: Self Kindness as a key component of Self compassion.

Mindfulness Stress Reduction & Healing : Jon Kabat Zinn

Jon talks to a group in Google. He describes the revolution that has occurred in medicine over the last 30 years that has integrated the mind back into the body and developed a remarkable range of practices for integrating one’s experience, reducing stress, healing the body, coping more effectively with emotions such as anxiety, anger, and depression, and cultivating greater well-being and happiness. His work has brought meditative practices into the mainstream of medicine, psychology, health care and more. His secular evidence based approach has been widely tested to be effective across a wide range of contexts…

Coming to our senses : Jon Kabat Zinn

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn speaks at UCSD Medical Center on the topic of “Coming to Our Senses”, which is also the name of one of his books, subtitled “Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness”.

A pioneer in the application of ancient Buddhist practices to healing in modern medical settings, Kabat-Zinn expounds upon the value of “resting in awareness” not only to facilitate clarity in ourselves, but also as a means of relating to and healing the “dis-ease” in politics, society and the world.

Kristin Neff : Mindfulness & Self Compassion

Want to understand what self compassion is and why it is vital?

Kristin Neff, Ph.D., is the author of the book “Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind” (William Morrow, 2011).  This talk is from the “Practicing Mindfulness & Compassion” conference on March 8, 2013.


How Awesome it is to to ALIVE especially when we are AWAKE, AWARE and ATTUNED!

Thich Nhat Hanh : What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the capacity to be aware of what is going on, what is there.

You can look at the sky and it can become the object of your mindfulness. You recognise it as existing. Then, your appreciate how wonderful it is, one of the wonders of life that makes you happy.

Daniel Goleman : AHA moment

Daniel Goleman says that creativity is essential in business.

But, fostering creativity is counter intuitive and involves:

  1. Framing the problem
  2. Digging deep for an answer
  3. Letting it go

Kristin Neff : Mindfulness

Kristin Neff speaks about: Mindfulness as essential to our ability to be compassionate with ourselves.

Kristin Neff : Common Humanity

Kristin Neff speaks about: Common Humanity as part of Self compassion. It reminds us that we are not alone in our difficulty but one of the things that unites humans is the fact that we all suffer.  

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