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Test Yourself

How is your state of mind? How do you really feel about yourself/see yourself? Are you self aware?

Find out how your state of Mind is…

Becoming more conscious of our ‘state of mind’ helps us see our automatic reactions and negative patterns and affords us choices we may not have glimpsed before, in every moment.  Fulfilment of all our desires does not equate to happiness; its the way we interpret what we encounter that determine our states of wellbeing or misery. Research attests to the fact that happiness is not caused by the ‘event’/ ‘activity’ but by ‘what we bring to it’.

Notice automatic reactions and negative patterns

Below are a list of questions that you may choose to ask yourself to gain some insight into what is going on internally for you. Give yourself a moment to take a few breaths to prepare before asking yourself these questions. 

  • Do I have difficulty focusing my full attention on a task and really doing it well or am I jumping from one activity to another and feel my attention being pulled in several different directions at once?
  • When I fail at something important, do I become consumed by feelings of inadequacy and isolation? Does it all get a bit blown out of proportion?
  • Do I carry tension / strain / agitation in my body that presents symptoms like: a stiff neck, clenched jaw, tummy pains, tightness / constriction anywhere?
  • Am I always rushing and racing, feeling under pressure to do more and not allowing myself adequate time?
  • Do I ever become unreasonably angry or upset and have difficulty calming myself?
  • Do I feel under pressure with a sense of anxiety, tetchiness, fatigue and exhaustion regularly that I cannot account for?
  • Do I have difficulty listening to others, really listening with no mind wandering or concocting my next comment or how I am going to respond?
  • Am I open to new ideas, new ways of seeing things / doing things or do I react to suggestions for change with defensiveness?
  • Do I judge myself / others / situations immediately, maybe harshly and close down to maybe seeing more deeply what underlies the surface phenomenon?
  •  Am I excited about my life or have I lost my engagement and enthusiasm, my appetite for work and ‘joie de vivre’?
  • Do I have difficulties in my relationships?  Am I locked into a seemingly inevitable pattern of conflict / disharmony with my family / friends
  • Is there a lack of authenticity / trust and openness in my interactions with my colleagues?
  • Do I ever wonder – is this it? or what am I doing with my life? or have a vague sense of disquiet and lack of purpose, of putting in time?
  • Do I find myself with less and less time to do things that make me feel energised and nourished because there are so many pressures and obligations to take care of?

If you answered YES to some of the questions, it is important that you know, that you are not alone. In fact, this is part of the human condition; most of us face the same challenges.  The more hectic our lives become, the easier it is to become overwhelmed, pulled off balance, vulnerable to frustration, anxiety, worry, confusion and harsh self-judgement. The huge emphasis on ‘doing’/ ‘achieving’ means that there is so little opportunity to ‘BE’ unless we purposefully make space for it.

Maybe, its time to consider participating in a Mindfulness Course?

So, maybe, its time to do just that and to nurture what is fundamental – just BEING. There is a universal consensus in the scientific community that Mindfulness Meditation enhances brain function and can even alter the structure of the brain.

Scientific evidence attests to the value of Mindfulness Training

Results show huge increases in the area associated with positive emotion, joy, a sense of enthusiasm and decreases of activity in the area associated with depression, rumination, excessive self concern as well as strongly reduced activity in the areas  associated with fear and anger. The ability to maintain attention is vastly increased. Results even for short term meditators (after an 8 week course) show big benefits in terms of anxiety, optimism and wellbeing, a boosted immune system, ageing  and stress levels.  So, the scientific evidence is conclusive and indisputable.

I cannot promise that you will no longer be challenged or feel deep pain but you may gain a ‘lightness of touch’, a different more spacious way of relating to / dancing with life that transforms your moment by moment experience. This has been my own experience and I wholeheartedly wish the same for you and that you benefit from the resources and services of Mindfulness and Compassion.

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