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1 to 1 Mentoring/ Business Leadership.

1 to 1 Mindfulness and Business Leadership Coaching

Individual Mindfulness and Business Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching & Mindfulness training offers a safe, confidential space for managers/ leaders to gain business leadership skills.

The training develops individuals’ resilience and ability to demonstrate empathy & relationship skill on the job.

This results in more engagement and trust within teams and across organisations.

      Joanne is a fully certified and licensed Emotional Intelligence coach – ECR™ assessment

The personal attention and support that she offers allows participants to face challenges, deepen self awareness and free themselves from negative habits and behaviours that are not effective. Attendees learn simple mindfulness practices that can be used day to day to manage stress and maintain perspective and positivity. Each programme is bespoke with content adapted to suit the need/objective. Sessions can be of 1 to 2 hours duration, scheduled at convenient times, either onsite or in Blackrock, Dublin.

“Inspiring, motivational and a safe place to talk about areas of difficulty. I’m way less stressed and anxious that I used to be. Mindfulness has opened my eyes to see things differently. I’ve gained understanding and confidence that make me a better manager. Joanne is a real professional and so easy to talk to.” – participant”

“I did not realise how self critical I was! And taking everything personally got in my way of being available to my team. Now, I cope differently. The lads have noticed and the atmosphere has improved! I have a range of practical tools that help me stay cool, even when a deadline is looming.” – participant

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Benefits of Individual Mindfulness and Business Leadership Coaching:

  • More vitality, positivity, clarity and effectiveness on the job
  • Less strain, worry, pressure, anxiety, stress and tendency to get bogged down
  • Better communication and ability to inspire and influence the team favourably
  • More confidence, humility, warmth, empathy, fulfilment
  • Improved relationships with clients, peers, colleagues, staff.

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“I cannot recommend doing 1 to 1 Mindfulness Training with Joanne more highly. It is no exaggeration to say that my life is SO much improved. I am more confident, feel better able to cope even when faced with difficulties and stresses. I use the coping strategies I learned and my relationships have improved. Even my wife says I am easier to live with! and I feel happier and healthier!”


“Facilitator so lovely, welcoming, gentle, encouraging! Delivers 1 to 1 Mindfulness Training in a compassionate way which is inspiring.  I really looked forward to every session. Now, I am much more aware of everything – my thoughts, physical feelings, posture, sounds, breath. I am less reactive, more resilient, a better boss all round.”
– Feedback from participants of 1 to 1 Mindful Leadership Training
1 to 1 Mindfulness Training

“Honestly, I never thought it could be so simple to find peace in my life. I really loved coming to Joanne and practicing Mindfulness  and learning new skills. I’m enjoying my life, my work and everyone in my life much more now!”

We are apt to get so caught up in the urgency of everything we have to do, and so caught up in our heads and in what we think is important, that it is easy to fall into a state of chronic tension and anxiety that continually drives our lives on automatic pilot”  – Jon Kabat Zinn

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1 to 1 March 1, 2014


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