1 to 1 Mindfulness

Engage in an Individual Mindfulness/Compassion Course to Gain Skill for Managing Better. 1 hour sessions, in person or online.


Individual Sessions - either in person or online

If you’d like to gain mindfulness and compassion training but prefer not to join a group course, Joanne offers sessions for individuals on a one to one basis (1:1 Mindfulness). Sessions are offered in person (Blackrock, Co Dublin) or online and are of 1 – 2 hours duration.

This offers you a safe confidential space and content can be adapted to fit your need. Typically, people choose to either engage in a full course:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

The internationally recognised and scientifically validated Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


Mindful Self Compassion 8 Module Course

The Mindful Self-Compassion Course (MSC) teaches participants to be their own best friend & support themselves particularly in times of difficulty.


Alternatively, Joanne can create a customised program to suit your needs. The personal attention and support that she offers allows participants to face challenges, deepen self awareness and free themselves from negative habits and behaviours that are not effective. Attendees learn simple mindfulness practices that can be used day to day to manage stress and maintain perspective and wellbeing.

“We are apt to get so caught up in the urgency of everything we have to do, and so caught up in our heads and in what we think is important, that it is easy to fall into a state of chronic tension and anxiety that continually drives our lives on automatic pilot”

- John Kabat Zinn

What Clients say about our 1:1 Mindfulness Sessions…

Inspiring, motivational and a safe place to talk about areas of difficulty. I’m way less stressed and anxious that I used to be. Mindfulness has opened my eyes to see things differently. I’ve gained understanding and confidence that make me a better manager. Joanne is a real professional and so easy to talk to.


Words cannot express how much your wonderful teaching has enriched my life. I am looking at everything with new eyes and have a huge appreciation for life and living. You truly have a gift in the kind and compassionate manner you deliver your training; thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Life changing – Most rewarding course I have ever taken. Learnt skills to calm myself when my buttons get pressed. I’m less reactive and make better decisions. I notice ‘stress’ and change my mind/body state. Support myself and others when challenged. The day seems to go better.


Much more self aware, able to remain confident and calm even when deadlines are approaching. I don’t believe all the drama my mind can create. Just focus on giving my all to the task in hand and taking a breather before I move onto the next thing.


I’m a better listener and communicator. I’ve changed my approach. Less rushing and more paying attention to each person I speak with! I manage my mind state (most of the time!) more calm, energy, confident and appreciative.


Found the course revelatory! Shifted my perspective about working effectively/managing people –I’m a nicer boss. Mindfulness helps me focus and concentrate. Good to share with group and recognise similarities and all we have in common.


Like to know more about 1:1 Mindfulness Sessions?

Talk to Joanne if you would like to try some individual Mindfulness / Compassion Training.