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“Words cannot describe how wonderful a facilitator Joanne is! She is very nurturing yet not afraid to challenge us, Joanne is aware, engaging and sympathetic. She makes everyone in the group feel safe and listened to, full of compassion and love. Honest and heartfelt. A role model, Excellent! Inviting, warm and trusting. A very gifted facilitator. Top-notch. Joanne has a beautiful calm voice and a natural way of teaching. Fantastic, such a Professional. Very welcoming, Warm and a good Teacher. Knowledgeable and energetic. Open, soft and caring. Gentle and approachable. Lovely voice & presence. Wonderful, Perfect, Loved her.”

About Joanne

Joanne O’Malley brings almost 20 years of meditation practice to her work as a Mindfulness Facilitator, along with diverse experience at management level in the corporate sector. This background provided the impetus for her to set up Mindfulness at Work. She saw how people working in ‘continuous partial attention’ were not effective…

Our Mission

To develop and deliver the finest quality mindfulness & emotional intelligence training to teams and organisations in search of excellence. We are passionate about helping companies transform wellbeing and performance by supporting individuals & leaders to more fully develop their mind’s capabilities so every person can give their best…

Our Vision

To transform the way individuals and organisations work and lead by providing training that develops peoples’ states of mind, body and heart. Then, work can be healthy, energising and fulfilling. People skilled in self management, social management and with the clarity to optimise opportunities, benefit and so do organisations.

Our Clients
We are privileged to work with a range of thought leading companies and organisations over the past few years including: Kerry EMEA, Lufthansa Technik, IDA Ireland, ESB Group, Ervia Irish Water, The Kilkenny Shop, Mylan, Helsinn, Kone Ireland, Danone Nutricia, Deloitte, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Daughters of Charity, Shine, Local Employment Services, Avolon, New Relic, Food Safety Authority of Ireland, Niche Generics and more… 

Our services

Mindfulness at Work is the leading provider of quality professional Mindful Leadership & Mindfulness Workplace Training in Ireland. We go into organisations and deliver courses, workshops and talks to develop and inspire leaders and teams develop skills so they can work and live more consciously. We adhere to the UK Good Practice Guidelines including ongoing training, personal practice, supervision and a high standard…

Joanne’s Qualifications

B.Soc.Sc. H.Dip Psychotherapy Studies. Mindfulness Facilitator trained by Bangor University, University of California San Diego (UCSD) and the Institute of Mindfulness Based Approaches (IMA). Joanne has trained directly with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute(SIYLI), The Mindful Leadership Summit, Eckhart Tolle, James Baraz and…

Transformative Mindfulness Training, that’s what we do best.

“Joanne is an amazing Trainer & Facilitator – I couldn’t speak more highly of her. We had a company mindfulness day and all of our team loved it, so practical and personalised to our group, every individual got a lot from it and there were lots of actionable takeaways from the day. Very engaging and inspiring. I highly recommend Joanne.”

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Professional. Committed. Inspired.

Just as we train our body to make it fitter, stronger and more flexible; neuroscience research now shows that Mindfulness Training develops the mind’s capacity to be present, to step out of automatic pilot and to create space so we can we clear, focused and attuned to deep intelligence and wisdom.

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Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training. Research shows Mindfulness is effective to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


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