Developing Mindfulness & Business Leadership

Leading Hospitality Group

Case Study: Mindfulness & Business Leadership

A Leading Hospitality Group approached Joanne with an objective of developing their Management team’s Mindfulness & Business Leadership Skills.

This was a new area for most of the team but they quickly understood the value of becoming more attentive and compassionate in their role with large teams.

The half day offsite workshop was very practical, experiential and interactive. The focus was on gaining tools for managing stress, negotiating difficult interactions, improving listening ability, being more intentional, more attuned and generally more emotionally intelligent.

There was great feedback, with many participants saying they noticed an enhanced calmness, ability to focus and they wanted to continue to develop their own personal practice.

Here is what the client said:

“Joanne was asked to present a mindful leadership class to our General Managers.
It was new to the majority of them so I was a little apprehensive about how it was going to pan out. My apprehension quickly turned to intrigue as Joanne captured the attention of the male dominated room and delivered an excellent class which left us with an appetite for self improvement. Thanks again Joanne.”

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