Mindful Leadership & Wellbeing Workshop

Leading Retail Group

Case Study: Leadership & Wellbeing Workshop

A leading retail group approached Joanne about providing their Management team with a Mindful Leadership & Wellbeing Workshop. They understood that the effectiveness of each manager is key to achieving strategic objectives and also the manager’s vital role in creating the culture of the organisation.

The offsite half day workshop provided participants with an understanding of Mindfulness and an opportunity to explore its importance in terms of their leadership and wellbeing. Practical tips for bringing a Mindful approach to work: re: ability to prioritise, delegate, collaborate, communicate, deal with stress and maintain positivity were also covered.

All participants reported that they found the workshop really helpful in giving them practical tools to approach their work and leadership more mindfully and effectively.

Here is what the client said:

“Big thumbs up to the Mindful Leadership Workshop. Lots of insight and good reflection, really well worth doing…Joanne’s practices are extremely beneficial, the sessions helped our leadership team to take the time out by learning how to focus on living in the moment and by gaining a more positive outlook.”

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