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Working Remotely – 3 skills you need to help you cope and thrive.

Working remotely in difficult times isn’t easy.
Dr. Martyn Newman suggests three skills you need to develop to help you cope and thrive.

1. Relationships / Social connection

Social distancing maybe key to limiting the spread of the virus. But, it’s vital to distinguish physical distancing from social connection. Our relationships with other people are the best antidote to the current stress and the most reliable source of personal well-being.


A way of sensing opportunities as well as developing deep emotional resilience to manage adversity. Right now, nobody knows what the future will bring. So, rather than being consumed by anxiety / worry (about what might happen), leaning in to the present moment (whether that is a task to be done or an opportunity to play with your children / go for walk).

3. Self-reliance

How much confidence you have new ability to exercise control of yourself / your behaviour.  Now is the moment to dig deep.
Lean into these three skills to help you and yours now.



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