Building Resilience, Positive Coping Skills

Pharmaceutical Company

Case Study: Build Resilience & Positive Coping Skill

An international pharmaceutical company engaged Mindfulness at Work to train a team of their people in more effective ways of working and dealing in a high performance environment.

Joanne rolled out a 6 week Mindfulness Course with the objective of helping participants build resilience and develop more effective coping strategies to improve wellness and performance. The course was so effective … participants requested a further two modules so they completed a full 8 module course.

The solution combined:

  • Keynote group introduction to explore benefits of training and encourage participation
  • Weekly group Mindfulness Training sessions of 1.5 hours duration over 8 sequential modules
  • Daily mindfulness practice – 10 to 20 minutes formal plus informal practice
  • Final evaluation.

Reported Outcomes – All participants gained skill in these areas:

  • Focus on task
  • Coping under pressure – have tools to self manage
  • Problem solving, creativity
  • Ability to prioritise and enhance personal productivity
  • Self awareness and social awareness
  • Communication skill with colleagues, clients
  • Resilience and ability to ‘bounce back’ from challenges.

All participants reported significant decreases in:

  • Stress
  • Reactive / rash behaviour
  • Exhaustion
  • Negativity.

100% of participants rated Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work as very good to excellent.

Here is what the client said:

Joanne provided a wonderful course on mindfulness that fully fitted our needs and complimented our WellBeing Programme. Her enthusiasm and empathy encouraged full interaction from all participants. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly recommend both the course and Joanne as a facilitator."

Here is what a participant said:

"Enjoyable, thought provoking, challenging…
All the practices were very useful. It gave me a lot to think about and practice. Learnt new things about myself. I’m a lot calmer, I think before doing things in the job and day to day. It was helpful to improve stress level and to go through last couple of months without building up extreme mental and physical tiredness, which normally accumulates at this time of year. I am pulling myself back a lot quicker from negative situations. I have more awareness and empathy for myself and others. I am more conscious of routine daily tasks and enjoying the little things."

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