Enhancing Collaboration & Teamwork

Government Agency

Case Study: Enhancing Collaboration & Teamwork

A Government Agency wanted a training programme that would strengthen their peoples’ ability to deal with stress, manage change and conflict, as well as enhance collaboration and teamwork skills.

They engaged Mindfulness at Work to deliver Mindful Leadership Training to a team of senior managers.

The course took place for 75mins weekly over 2 months and participants also engaged in a short daily practice.

Here is what the participants said:

Excellent course! I use the tools to enhance my day to day. I gained a lot of insight and a deep understanding of mindfulness. I deal differently with stressful situations and it has helped a lot with work challenges.

Joanne is a fantastic facilitator, covering content that is directly relevant to work and personal life.

She is articulate, has strong communication skills and delivered the course to the highest standard. Thank you Joanne for the gentle guidance, support, sensitivity, respect, enthusiasm and encouragement throughout."

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