Managing Caregiver Fatigue

Non Profit Agency

Case Study: Managing Caregiver Fatigue

A not for profit independent fostering agency that provides specialist fostering services booked a customised Mindfulness & Compassion 3 day course to help train and support their staff.

Their objective was to develop more effectual competencies – resilience, teamwork, collaboration, communication and problem solving. Pre-course discussions also revealed the need to teach staff techniques to help maintain their own health and wellbeing. When carers continually replenish themselves, they maintain wellness and avoid depletion and burn out that results from caregiver fatigue.

The customised training programme was held at an external site over 2 full days and was very successful in exceeding all of the clients objectives and more.

Here is what the client said:

Joanne recently delivered a bespoke course for myself and my colleagues. This was one of the best training experiences ever! Joanne was friendly, professional, enthusiastic, motivational and caring. Really fantastic! My colleagues and I got so much out of this 2 day customised training course, both professionally and personally. Joanne is an inspiring trainer… we would love ongoing support from her and would not go anywhere else. Highly recommended!!”

"Our couple of days in Dublin was a real highlight of the year for us. We still practice and regularly speak to our carers and children about the importance of mindfulness – you (Joanne) definitely made a mark on us!"

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