Creating Exceptional Customer Care

A Public Food Company

Case Study: Creating Exceptional Customer Care

A Public Food Company headquartered in Ireland wanted to expand the skill level of their service team and create exceptional customer care.

The effectiveness of each employee is key for building high quality client relationships and retaining the company’s brand position and loyalty. The company engaged Joanne to deliver Mindfulness Training with the objectives of enhancing team effectiveness and boosting resilience and motivation.

After an initial Introductory session offered to all, an 8 module training course was rolled out to several groups who opted in. These participants received 1 hour training sessions each week for 8 weeks,  as well as engaging in a short daily practice over the 2 month period.

A survey conducted at the end of the training course found significant positive changes had ensued. Participants reported benefits in a range of areas as below.

Reported Outcomes from Mindfulness Training Course

Some Verbatim feedback from participants:

“Inspiring”  “It was amazing and very beneficial”

“This was a great course, enhancing self awareness, self development and emphasising the emotional & physical importance of implementing mindfulness & emotional intelligence into daily life.”

“I found the training very helpful not only for work but in my personal life too.”

More feedback from participants:

“I was delighted to see that the company has identified the need and invested the time and cost for their employees. I felt the training sessions were very focused and enjoyable but still retaining a clear path to reach the objective. I see a huge benefit in my overall wellbeing and approach.

“I enjoyed the course and  found techniques that I can use at work and home. Improved ability to listen to others.” 

Here is what some participants said:

“Really informative and helpful. It definitely opened my mind to certain things.”

“I really enjoyed the experience, I felt I needed it and now I have a tool to use to de stress myself. Also I find it great for my personal life, stop take a minute and the move forward with a decision.”

“Very relaxing and helpful in relieving stressful situations and being more aware of the people around you and more understanding”  

Here is what the client said:

“Great experience for me to offer Mindfulness Training to the customer care team and to launch this with Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work who is a true professional. I truly believe in this training and reported outcomes clearly shows me why...”
- Customer Care Director

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