Managing Stress, Safety & Wellness

Leading Utility & Service Provider

Case Study: Managing Stress, Safety & Wellness

Ireland’s leading utility provider asked Joanne about providing a series of Mindfulness Workshops to ensure that their staff had the awareness and tools to manage stress, stay safe and well, both physically and mentally.

Many people were dealing with tight deadlines & heavy workloads in situations where safety was paramount.

The onsite workshops gave people insight into how easily concentration wanders and practical tools for developing more focus and calm. Also, tools to deal with difficulty when it arises and lots of practical tips for nurturing positive habits.

Here is what the client said:

“By listening closely to our needs, Joanne presented a range of fresh, meaningful and interestingly different talks across our organisation connecting mindfulness to safe working. The talks focused on personal wellbeing at work and how to turn complacency, lapse of concentration and ‘mindless’ behaviours into more highly aware and positive ways of working. These gave insights into the associated negative or dangerous consequences of stress and offered participants practices to take away and use day to day. Staff feedback was nothing less than positive and approving.”

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