Mindfulness for Managers

Explores how Mindfulness trains focus, memory, listening expertise & gain practical tools for de-stressing, responding

Practical Workshop Provides Insight and Vital Resources

Organisations need mindful managers more than ever before. The change and unpredictability of the modern workplaces is creating unprecedented levels of stress and distress in workforces.

Globally, organisations are recognising the vital importance of training management teams in mindfulness so they can lead a change in how work is done. For teams, this  means more presence, calm, positivity, vitality, compassion, and less multitasking, tension, strain, negativity and indifference.

Key Outcomes – Mindfulness for Managers

  • Stress Management Tips
  • Tools for dealing with workload – plan, prioritise, problem solve
  • Focus on what you can control – E + R = O
  • Learn practical ways to focus, negotiate challenges
  • Improve listening, communication and team dynamics.

“Really worthwhile programme which challenges you to try new techniques and new ways of dealing with things.”

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