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Become your own best friend – Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

Become your own best friend

– Workplace Wellbeing Workshop

Workplace Wellbeing - become your own best friend

In my work with leading organisations, I find over and again that the internal stress people impose upon themselves as a result of critical self-talk and harsh judgment is often the toughest. They are trapped in a vicious circle that is undermining, can create a self-fulfilling prophecy and makes work and life an uphill battle. This workshop teaches participants to respond to themselves and their difficult feelings (inadequacy, anxiety) with kindness rather than criticism.

Become your own Best Friend Workshop Outcomes

  • Lay a foundation for building inner resilience
  • Develop resources to calm and sooth oneself in times of stress
  • Learn how self compassion leads to emotional wellbeing
  • Increase commitment to growing healthy habits.

What clients of previous workshops said:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful all day workshop. Very much enjoyed by all.
Joanne you have great gifts and I hope you know it.
You definitely connect and create a gentleness that is tangible.”

“Joanne is a true professional with a high level of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Amazing feedback from the staff in attendance. Joanne provides an excellent service and is adaptable and fun with role play and fielding all questions relating to stress, wellbeing, working environments and everything in between.”

Workplace Wellbeing - become your own best friend

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