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 Research shows that SELF CARE is vital to RESILIENCE and Wellbeing.

I have put together 10 Mindful Self Care Tips to help you develop more effective habits for working & living.

Remember ‘what you practice grows stronger‘ so practice strategies that make you thrive.

Self Care Tips

 Research shows that most people have patterns of self neglecting behaviour and self sabotage.

That little voice in our heads is constantly cutting us down, saying: ‘You’re not good enough’, ‘you screwed up’, ‘whats wrong with you’ … all these voices constantly harming ourselves.
What happens when you have a voice that supports you, especially in times of difficulty and pressure … ‘hey, it’s OK’, ‘it’s not the end of the world’, ‘I’m here for you’, ‘I’ll support you’, ‘what do you need right now?’

When that’s the voice in your head, it’s an incredible source of strength and resilience.

It takes time and commitment to change habits and re-wire new patterns in the brain.
So, practice the self care tips above, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.
Little by little, you will notice big changes.

Remember: whatever you practice grows stronger

I encourage you to be persistent and patient.
Print this A4 sheet of tips and keep it at your desk so you stay on track.