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Integrating simple practices that boost and sustain capacity into the workday, can lead to striking results across the entire organisation.

Boost your capacity to work most effectivelyBoost your capacity to work most effectively

I meet so many working people, especially leaders who are perpetually exhausted. Overwhelmed with a never-ending task list, they don’t sleep well and can’t enjoy their week-ends or their relationships. This miserable and highly ineffective way of working is a vicious circle, yet for many has become the new norm.

Reverse the trend – of working faster, harder, longer…

This is because people tend to respond to rising pressure and increasing demands by working harder and longer. This approach may work in the short term but it is not sustainable in the longer term.  We are seeing that now with declining levels of engagement and soaring levels of distraction and inattention. The old ways of working are simply no longer a fit for a 24/7 work environment.

Boost your energy, positivity and performance

Tony Schwartz explains that the problem with working longer is that time is a finite resource but asserts that energy or capacity is not. It can be expanded and renewed. When people fully understand this and take responsibility for managing their own capacity by practicing new behaviours that expand energy and avoid energy depleting behaviours; they can sustain themselves and work much more effectively.
Boost your capacity to work most effectively

Are you in the zone?

His illustration of the 4 zones that people at work operate in is a helpful reminder of how vital is it for everyone but especially leaders to replenish their energy often so they stay on the right side!
That’s why I put together the 3Bs for Workplace Wellness… 3 simple habits for you to practice everyday for one month.  Notice the difference it makes!!!

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Good luck!

More Information

Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work wrote this article.

Recent feedback just in from the CEO of Cumberland Building Society:

“Wow! The leadership team and I just spent 36 hours at Joannie’s excellent leadership workshop.
Joannie put her heart and soul into the session and we responded in the same way. We got so much from it – new insights, new habits to develop, obstacles to be avoided and most importantly some practical tools for sustaining energy, building resilience and being kind to ourselves. We’ve loads to think about. Really helped!”