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Many of us are busy, busy, busy now.

So many jobs to do: presents to buy, people to see, cards to write, cooking and decorating to do…

Choose intentionally how you spend your precious time

What we actually do and how we choose to spend our time over the next few weeks will have a big impact on our wellbeing and ability to be present and in good form moment by moment.

Often, we can find ourselves ‘driven’ and worn down by needless activities that don’t matter much.
It’s easy to get into bad form and then, we miss or don’t enjoy what really does matter.

Choose intentionally

Choose intentionally – activities that you want to engage in…

Many people have valuable holiday time over Christmas  so, it may be a good idea to make some intentional choices about how you wish to spend this?

Choose intentionally – when writing your Christmas ‘to do’ list

An idea might be to:

Sit quietly and ask yourself what activities will I really enjoy?
What will benefit and nurture me or my family or friends or anyone?  Are there activities that might deplete me and are these avoidable? What is really necessary and going to make a contribution to my or someone else’s happiness? Then, when you have listed all you plan to do, you can put a:

  • V for ‘vital’ beside the activities that really matter.
  • A for ‘avoidable’ beside the activities that are of less consequence to anyone
  • N for ‘necessary’ activities – accepting that there are some activities I must do.

(I realised a few years ago, that shopping in Dundrum was ‘avoidable’. It really helped me!!!)

Choose intentionally – so you can ‘BE’ at your best moment by moment…

Writing your Christmas ‘to do’ list mindfully enables you to discriminate and make intentional choices about how you will spend your precious moments.

It is also a wonderful reminder that, our (and other peoples’) enjoyment is often less about the ‘activity’ and more about what we bring to it (our state of mind and heart).

Short Guided Meditation Practice to set you up

Click below to play an 8 minute informal practice to set you up to write /edit your Christmas ‘to do’ list..


choose intentionally

Wishing you a peaceful and happy day and look forward to sharing more tomorrow…

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.
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