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The secret of happiness is to savour the moment we are in.

Because this moment is really the only time any of us have to see the sky, to hear the birdsong, to smile or hug someone, to say a kind word, to be generous to a stranger, to love with our whole hearts, to live our precious lives…

Savour moment by moment

The past is over, the future may never come but THIS MOMENT is ours to be in as we choose.

savour moment by moment

Savour moment by moment – ‘presence of heart’ matters…

When we are present and mindful, we get out of our heads and into our hearts. We experience life more deeply and begin to see that the small things aren’t small after all.

Have a look at this wonderful clip by Louie Schwartzberg to remind you to savour each moment…


Savour moment by moment – the sublime is in the ordinary

Whether it is the sound of the sea or our child’s laughter, the smell of cinnamon or lemon, the feel of a cuddle or a bracing breeze, how good it is to have time to share with loved ones…we notice and savour the sublime in the most ordinary moments of each day ….

The moments that make up Christmas 2019, build memories; are the story of our lives…

christmas mindfulness

Listen to this short Guided Mindfulness Practice

Click below to access an 8 minute practice to encourage you to savour each moment…


Thank you for your participation and presence!

May I wish you peace, love, joy and contentment this Christmas…

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.
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