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One of my Mom’s great legacies was her generosity.
This was a quality she held dearly, one she was determined to pass onto her children.
So, she used to recite endlessly,

“It is better to give than to receive”.   

It turns out, that my mom was right!…

Give generously – and be happier…

Give generously - Mindfulness at Christmas

Research shows CAUSAL relationship

Research now shows not just a positive correlation but a causal relationship between generosity and happiness. The generosity can include yourself. We know how nice it feels to treat ourselves from time to time but actually generosity towards another (even a total stranger) makes us even HAPPIER.

Giving your time and money away creates neurochemical changes in your brain that make you happier.
So, what would you like to give this Christmas?

Why are we not more generous if it makes so much sense?

That little voice in the head – fear – tells us that we don’t have enough and if we give something away we will have less.

The truth is the opposite…

Give Generously

Irish people are known around the world for their generosity and kindness. The gift of our history is a deep compassion for poor people or anyone struggling (a knowing deep inside – “there but for the grace of God go I”).

It is a legacy to be proud of and to foster and grow.

 The Paradox of Generosity shows that generosity is a circular flow so, like a boomerang whatever you give out comes back to you! and of course, we know this…

11 minute Guided Loving Kindness Meditation Practice

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Give generously - Mindfulness at christmas

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