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Most people are so immersed in thinking that they don’t question the validity of their thoughts.

They fully believe and identify with the story their mind is telling them.

One of the most liberating insights, that people get on a Mindfulness course is that they see the truth.

They realise their thoughts are just thoughts and they are not ‘me’ or ‘reality’.

Come to your senses

Even more, they notice how much of their behaviour is unconsciously driven by uninvited thoughts  – ‘Do the shopping’, ‘wash the oven’, ‘I really can’t forget to collect the cleaning’, ‘must write a list’… on and on…

Our thoughts have the potential to drive us quite crazy ESPECIALLY AT CHRISTMAS TIME, when they are telling us “there is so much that HAS to be done”  … and they often do…

Come to your senses - Mindfulness at Christmas

Come to your senses and a wider Awareness

By coming to our senses (hearing, feeling, smelling…) we wake up from the dream in our mind to something more real and fundamental.

Just by moving attention from the thinking mind to the felt sense of the:

  • Breath
  • Body
  • Sense perceptions

Our awareness opens up and we free ourselves from the tyranny of habitual, automatic, unhelpful thinking patterns that often lead us to stress and bad form.

Then, we can see more clearly what really has to be done and do it without all the stressing and drama.

Day 6 - Mindful Christmas banner

Guided Audio to introduce you to intentionally moving attention

Click play below to access this 8 minute practice to guide you in becoming present.

Try it and see for yourself how this stepping back enables a wider awareness / perspective.

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.
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