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Great article about proven transformative Leadership Training – for both individuals and for the organisation.

The results speak for themselves: 10-20% increase in employee satisfaction

50% increase in employee collaboration, conflict management, and communication

12% increase in customer satisfaction; and nearly three times the normal business impact.

There is a famous quote that is sometimes attributed to Yeats and sometimes not.

Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.

Whether Yeats said it or not, we recognise it’s truth, yet paradoxically, so much education and training is all about stuffing people with curricula, models and competencies.

Developing Mindful Leaders

The highly successful programme described in this article is different. It starts with Mindfulness Training so each individual can deepen their sense of purpose, expand their capability to navigate difficulty and complexity, and enrich their emotional resilience?
Read the original article in the Harvard Business Review here.

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