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Everybody multitasks now. Even-though, for 10 years, research has shown that it doesn’t work!

It takes longer to complete tasks.

There are more mistakes, and stress signs; an inability to be creative or problem solve.

A shrinking attention span and possibly even a shrinking brain.

Of course, multitasking is a natural reaction to the ‘always on’, distracted, pressured environment which most workplaces have become.

Eliminate Multi-tasking

Eliminate Multi-tasking

The problem is, multi-tasking not only undermines health and wellbeing (stress, sleeplessness, inability to switch off, burn out) but also sabotages efforts to be effective and perform optimally (inability to focus, concentrate, prioritise, ‘see the wood for the trees’, listen, collaborate).

And we might as well face it, technology or the web is not going away. The environment is not going to slow down.

So, if you want to work most effectively, you have to consciously develop new habits.

How to Develop Mind Fitness

Sports people have known for decades that getting your head right or mind fitness is just as important as physical fitness if you wish to ‘perform at your best’ and achieve outstanding results.

We all know that when we are calm, focused and happy rather than tense, dull and distracted things go better. It follows that these are the mind states that need to be developed.

Mindfulness practice is the how…

Daily mindfulness will make you a healthier, more productive person.”   –  Biz Stone, Co-Founder, Twitter

Eliminate Multi-tasking

Research proves the effectiveness of Mind Fitness Training

The good news is that neuroscience validates mindfulness training. Similar to physical fitness, mind fitness makes us calmer, clearer, with enhanced focus, problem solving creativity, relationship skill and so much more.

That’s why most leading companies are now offering corporate based mindfulness programmes to their workforce and leaders.

If you are interested in understanding more, check out this great article: Using Mindfulness to Jumpstart Creativity at Work.

Better still, get in touch!

Develop Mind Fitness & Eliminate Multi-tasking

We’re passionate about helping businesses transform the way they work by developing their peoples’ states of mind, body and heart.

When you invest in a healthier, happier, more connected work culture, your workforce flourishes and so does your business.

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.