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This is a wonderful FREE Guided Mindfulness Meditation I enjoy practicing sitting outdoors at lunchtime or anytime. It takes twelve and a half minutes. Now, that spring has arrived and it’s a little warmer and the trees are blossoming it’s a good time to find a park bench and get yourself comfortable. Then, click to listen: Becoming present inspired by Eckhart Tolle.
Alternatively, you can print and read the script below and let yourself be fully present; fully alive, alert and at peace.

Script for: Becoming Present with Now (inspired by Eckhart Tolle)

“As you sit here, is it possible for you to simply watch what is happening around you without adding any interpretation to it. To just be present with what is…with nothing further needing to be added to this moment; the sounds, sights, the people….  just allowing it to be just as it is.
With that comes peace. You don’t get drawn continuously into events, thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions. You are the wider space in which all this happens. You are the awareness behind it, without which none of this would be here.
You are the awareness that enables the world to be. You don’t have to be dominated by thoughts. Because thoughts can obscure the aliveness of life at this moment. It’s a deep seated habit to be deeply identified with thinking.
To be at one with life is to be at one with the present moment. Because that is the only place that life can be found. You cannot leave the space of now whatever you do, wherever you go.
Your life has never been not now nor will it ever be not now.
First of all be here fully and then whatever is needed in your life comes. It comes out of the power that dwells in the present moment that most people overlook.
There is an enormous power here which is the power of life itself. Most people look for something and ignore this. The power of life itself is inseparable from who you are in the depth of your being.
The entire vibrational frequency of your body shifts when you become present. It’s a different state of consciousness, more alive, more alert.
The inner transformation is not really about finding answers to your questions but finding a new relationship to thought where every thought does not seduce you anymore. Let go of the need to understand anything.
Don’t forget yourself because you are the consciousness behind it. You are the space, the presence.
Just allow this moment to be as it is. This takes you deeper into yourself.” 

Becoming Present is a practice you can do over and over again

I hope you enjoyed this practice and recommend you repeat it several times with the script (or audio file) until the words are imprinted and you no longer need them to stay present. You can then sit silently alone and fully present with things as they are, enjoying the moment fully. Whenever you notice your attention wandering and thoughts / emotions / reactions pulling you away from being fully present, you can gently and lovingly bring your attention back to connecting fully with your senses – seeing, hearing, feeling; just being the knowing.

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.