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I meet lots of people burning themselves out in high achieving environments. They admit that they’re so frazzled, they can’t switch their mind off, rest, enjoy time off, their relationships or their life.
Given advances in technology and the 24/7 context in which we work and live now, it’s easy to get sucked into never ending distraction, feel pressured and overloaded. There is always something pulling at our attention.
Yet, taking care of our state of mind first and foremost matters.

Happiness leads to success

It’s wonderful to see that the research supports this wisdom, overwhelmingly!
In fact, happiness is positively correlated with more productivity, creativity, resilience, charisma and leadership.

Here is an infographic by Emma Seppala that shows the illusions we get stuck in and how research contradicts them:

How to develop happiness

So, if you are like me – feeling happy and relaxed at the end of the summer and determined to continue through the winter and your life in this way – remember that it will take some practice. Old habits die hard. Working and living fully now involves stepping out of ‘auto pilot’ where you are driven by a frenetic mind and making conscious choices moment by moment.

Being Present Makes you Happy

This is the training of Mindfulness, it teaches you to pay attention to the present moment, recognising your feelings and emotions and managing yourself better, especially when faced with difficult situations. When you are mindful, you’re aware of your presence and the impact you have on others, you gain clarity. You’re able to both observe and participate in each moment, whilst recognising the consequences of your behaviour and actions for the longer term.
And paradoxically, most people feel happier! Over and over again, participants courses tell me:

The last 8 weeks were life changing. I’ve learned new skills and discovered resources within me that I’d never imagined were there. Thank you Joanne a hundred times for all the patience, teachings & support. This has made me a nicer, happier, more aware person.”

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