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Difficult and stressful things are part of life.

We may want the ‘ideal’ Christmas but often our reality may be different. How we deal with these challenges makes the difference between adding to or reducing our frustration and suffering.

Manage difficulty and anxiety

Our tendency is to resist difficulty – we wish that our moment to moment experience be other than it is.

For example we worry, ruminate, tense up, drink or eat too much or use other avoidance tactics – but when we fight against the pain, it usually makes things worse.

Manage difficulty with Mindfulness

So, letting go of resistance is at the heart of mindfulness and compassion practice.

The more aware we are of the thoughts, feelings and body sensations evoked by events, the better able we are to be less reactive and respond skillfully.

Manage difficulty and turn towards calm

We acknowledge our experience as it is and use being present in our body as a way to awareness. Just patiently feeling what is there.

  • Name it / tame it – labelling difficult emotions can help us disentangle
  • Feel it / heal it – locating in the body tenderly and warmly can help shift

Our emotions and thoughts are high up in our bodies so, bringing our attention down to our feet and belly breathing can stabilise the body. This in turn brings about the stability of the mind and the heart.

Short guided Practice to ground you and help you get stable

Click below to access a 10 minute practice to help you get steady


And look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we will practice some kindness which is essential for supporting yourself during challenging times.
So, remember to be particularly kind and gentle to yourself right now…
Ask yourself, what do I need? and give yourself what is good for you – maybe a rest or a walk or a chat…

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.
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