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Both Mindfulness and Poetry are really helpful in waking people up to their precious lives.

We return to directly experiencing ourselves and our lives more vividly, not continually through the veil of ‘thought’

Participants of courses, tell me that some poems touch them deeply, not just their understanding but also their senses, intelligence, emotions and imagination. Rather than describing an experience, a line of a poem IS the experience. So, it shows us how to be more present in the living of our lives and it allows us to share these heartfelt experiences with others.

For example on a day like today

The Project by Muriel Rukeyser

The pot flower on the windowsill says to me
In words that are green-edged red leaves:
Flower flower flower flower
Today for the sake of the dead Burst into flower!


Always we hope by Lao Tzu

Always we hope

Someone else has the answer

Some other place will be better,

Some other time it will all turn out.

This is it.

No one else has the answer

No other place will be better,

And it has already turned out.

At the center of your being

You have the answer,

You know who you are

And you know what you want.

There is no need

To run outside

For better seeing.

Nor to peer from a window.

Rather abide at the center of your being;

For the more you leave it, the less you learn.

Search your heart

And see

The way to do

Is to be.
Now that spring has arrived… a time of new beginnings… maybe it is time to make a conscious decision to start living fully and working wholeheartedly…

As Mary Oliver finishes her beautiful poem about a Summer Day:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do

With your one wild and precious life”

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