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Work and live at your best

In the busy world in which we live, there is a relentless stream of tasks and activities demanding our attention. The speed and quantity of it can get to the best of us.

It’s a sobering thought to recognise that it is not going to change, if anything – technological development will speed things up further. This ‘always on’ environment is here to stay. But, human beings do not function at our best in this environment unless we make some conscious choices.
So, what can we do to ‘turn off our over-active minds’, constantly focused on the never-ending task list?

What do you need to work and live at your best ?

Increased external pressure requires greater calmness and clarity internally.
Why not ask yourself what it is you really need to work and live at your best.
Maybe, more time, spaceWe need to be able to respond skillfully and nimbly to ongoing changing circumstances. Being effective isn’t about ‘getting it all done’ but being balanced and attuned to our deep intelligence and wisdom.
The gallup 2013 study confirmed that: 70% of employees are disengaged, leading to lower productivity, innovation and wellbeing and only 8% of people strongly agree that they experience overall wellbeing because of their work.
Similarly, Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2014 stated that:

“The overwhelmed employee us the most significant human capital challenge for Irish organisations. Information overload and the 24/7 work environment are contributing to reduced productivity, reduced decision making and lower levels of engagement.”  (Engaging the 21st Century Workforce)

So, there does appear to be awareness that we want workplaces where people can function at their best but some unsureness about how to get there?

How can you work and live at your best?   It’s an inside job

Mindfulness at Work provides customised development programmes that help teams and individuals work wholeheartedly and perform at their best. So, even when challenged, participants learn to stay calm/confident, focus clearly, work skilfully, communicate and collaborate effectively and enjoy greater resilience and optimism.

“participants found the program to be really beneficial to them to help reduce stressful situations, maintain focus on the important things, improve employee relationships in the workplace as well as work / life balance issues. They found Joanne to be excellent in facilitating the workshop and the feedback was very positive afterwards”.    – Myles Molloy, Financial Controller,  CLS
Mindfulness at work


Research shows that Mindfulness helps you work and live at your best

  • Research studies show substantial physical changes to both the structure and function of the brain
  • Structurally – that involved in monitoring Focus and Self Control, after just 11 hours.
  • Function – Increased creativity and ‘divergent thinking’ (new ideas are generated)
  • – Ability to stay on task longer and concentrate better.
  • 163 different studies show positive effect on improving anxiety and stress.
  • And improving relationships – with both yourself (more comfortable in your own skin) and everyone you meet.
Why not contact Joanne about implementing a Mindfulness at Work programme?