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Mindfulness is here to stay. No longer an ‘alternative’ activity, ordinary people are seeking out mindfulness as an antidote to stress, anxiety, ‘racing mind’, technology overload, disengagement and the meaninglessness of life and reporting their experience to be ‘life transforming’. Living mindfully is simply a much healthier and happier way for human beings to be.

Eckhart Tolle - Now

Racing mind, relentless worrying, ongoing rumination sound familiar?

When people start a Mindfulness Course, many admit that their minds are ‘out of control’, holding them captive to relentless thought and self judgement on and on. And while they are ‘lost’ in regretting the past, catastrophising the future, worrying about things that never happen, judging themselves harshly, they are aware that their ‘precious life’ is passing by…
They want to learn skills that help them to stay present.
Of course, we all have the capacity to be mindful. But, it is not our default position so cultivating the ability to pay attention at any moment of our day and disengage from the mental “clutter” takes practice.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation practice

Here is a 8min Anytime Mindfulness guided meditation to help you integrate Mindfulness into your everyday life.
We can be mindful at any moment of our day – when we brush our teeth or wash our hands or have a cup of tea… The remembering is what is important. It can be helpful to choose one or more activities to ‘be here for’. It is possible to disengage from our default mode of ‘lost in thought’ by taking a conscious breath and opening to our sense perceptions…

Mindfulness in everyday life – the secret is practice!

Practice, practice, practice…
Of course, you may find that your focus on the ‘breath’ or the ‘listening’, ‘feeling’ is short lived and fairly quickly you discover yourself to be ‘lost’ in thoughts, worries, fears again. Don’t worry, this is a habit you have practiced forever but now you are choosing to cultivate a new habit. The secret is not to get involved in the scenario your mind presents. Notice what swept you away and gently and a bit playfully move your attention back to your body breathing – tummy rising and falling, or sense perceptions – the ‘feel’ of the air on your skin, or your clothes. Keep returning your attention to these things over and over; that’s the training!

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.We offer ‘Transformational’ Mindfulness Training that empowers people to function more effectively in Workplaces and Public Courses (Blackrock, Dublin).

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