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Mindfulness, mental health and the prevention of dementia

Did you know that when we have untreated depression in mid life, it doubles the risk of developing dementia later in life compared with people who don’t have that history?

So, actually saving your mental health in midlife, actually saves your brain health later in life.

Mindfulness, mental health and the prevention of dementia

This is the sobering message that Nasreen Khatri gives us in her presentation.

She explains the connection between cognitive health and mental health – both of which make up brain health…

  • Cognitive health is simply things that involve thinking, concentration and mental activities, planning etc.
  • Mental health is our sense of emotional wellbeing and our psychological stability.

Depression is a risk factor for dementia. This means that people who have untreated depression in mid life are twice as likely to develop dementia later in life than people with no such history.

Mindfulness is good for mental health and the prevention of dementia

So, it’s really important to make sure that you are doing all the right things for your heart and mental health. The basics apply like: Exercise, good diet, sleep, social connection and also Mindfulness. 

She says: Mindfulness has something for everyone. It is consistent with ageing and developing wisdom:

  • It slows you down
  • Lets you relax and reduce stress
  • Develops acceptance

Proven benefits are improved mood, memory and learning, a healthy brain health even with a very short 5 – 10min practice.

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See Nasreen Khatri’s full presentation here: Mind your mood: Brain health is important at every age


And remember: Your brain health is in your hands.

Neuroscience is showing clearly that good habits positively impact brain health. And, saving your mental health early on is actually going to save your brain health at a later stage.


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