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We all want to be happy.
It’s natural; yet so often we look for happiness in all the wrong places.
We just get swept along, especially at Christmas.

The season of peace and goodwill can inadvertently becomes a time of over indulgence that leaves us feeling sluggish, regretful and broke.

Remember what it's all about - practice loving kindness at Christmas

Remember what it’s all about – and develop that!

Of course, we know that real contentment is not just pleasant feelings one after another until we collapse. It’s  more about love, kindness, generosity, sharing and caring.

These are the emotions and mental states that nourish our sense of wellbeing.
Just as resentment, anger and nagging make us miserable (as well as act in ways that cause more upset).

Remember what it’s all about  – grow loving kindness

The practice of loving kindness helps us to re-orientate our emotional states towards kindness, care, compassion. It’s a very ancient intention cultivation practice.
We incline towards loving kindness, keep it flowing in our minds and give it time.
Just like planting a seed in the garden, it becomes a habit and flourishes.

Remember what it's all about - practice loving kindness at Christmas

Short Guided Loving Kindness Practice

Click below to play an 8 minute introduction to Loving Kindness


Remember what it’s all about – caring, sharing, loving…

To get the inspiration to do that, sit quietly for a few moments and ask yourself, what really matters to me now, this Christmas?
How would I like to be? What kind of a Christmas do I want to have, for myself, my family, my friends?

Remember that real happiness is not up and down.
It’s a healthy way of being that remains in all kinds of emotional states.
Real contentment gives us the resources to deal with whatever may come…

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.
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