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In the current always-on environment, relentless demands can leave people feeling ‘stressed’, overwhelmed and struggling to focus and concentrate. Our tendency is to blame the external event, the circumstances we are in or other people for our stress.  But, actually YOU (as a conscious intelligent human being) have immense power to choose how you relate to and  interpret any experience. 

Stress Management with Mindfulness

And, this ability to manage your own state of mind is where the biggest potential for change is. It’s an empowering revelation, isn’t it?

Why? Because your state of mind is the one thing you have control over!

Stress Management with Mindfulness

I learned how to put distance between cause and reaction, I can now stop and breath and choose my response. I’m not striving and list making, if things don’t get done, no problem! I found the breathing space and short practical exercises extremely useful in gaining a better perspective for living a more fulfilling life. “ – Participant, M@W

Why Mindfulness? at times of stress

A little practice of paying non-judgmental attention to what is happening moment by moment without spinning off into stories about the past or worries about the future can dramatically impact how you experience your work and each day.

It can enable a fundamental shift in perspective where rather than being immersed in the drama, you can step back a little and see reality just as it is (the bigger picture) with greater clarity and discernment.

Stress Management with Mindfulness

Tips for Stress Management with Mindfulness to get you started:

1. Get grounded

All mindfulness practice emphasises the importance of being attuned with your body. Developing an awareness of ‘your feet on the floor’, your bum in the chair, ‘the breath moving in and out of your body’ … all help you stay present, calm, stable, open. This is quite a different state than when you are tense, flying off in several directions, juggling lots of balls. Often, workers appear ‘busy’ but much of the energy is going into ‘doing stress’ which leaves them drained and depleted rather than fully engaging with and focusing on the task in hand.

2. Stay open and curious

The stories you tell yourself create the lens through which you see every experience.

“we don’t see the world as it is but as we are”     –   Anais Nin

When you are able to just be curious without making judgements, you open the door to awareness. This awareness opens the door to change. When you change your story about anything, you change your experience.

3. Be positive

Is the glass half full or half empty? Actually, it is probably both but you get to choose your perspective and this choice impacts your experience and the outome.

The more you focus on the it being empty (bad), the emptier (worse) it will be and the more you focus on it being full (good), the fuller (better) it will be. We all know this to be true.

4. Non judgemental

The tendency to judge oneself harshly is a kind of irrational tyranny that undermines performance. Mindfulness teaches you to be more accepting of yourself and your experience so you can support yourself when challenged and foster ‘an approach mode of mind’ and an ability to respond creatively.

Stress Management with Mindfulness

Stress Management with Mindfulness

Moving from mindlessness – a state where you unconsciously react to every external stimulus with a habitual ingrained pattern (usually negative) and put your energy into resisting and stressing about the story your mind is telling you.

 …. To Mindfulness – where you actually experience ‘what is’ with a clearer lens… and are in a position to be discerning and make a wise decision –  changes your everyday experience dramatically.

You see with new eyes and have the ability to respond skillfully moment by moment to whatever arises.

I take away so many useful ideas, tips from this well structured course. The relief of being more aware of my thoughts and learning to let them go is huge. It feels so good not to run with the stories my mind is telling me. This has changed many ways I live my life.- Participant, M@W
This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work. We offer ‘Transformational’ Mindfulness Training that empowers people to function more effectively in Workplaces in Dublin Ireland.

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