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Recent Mindfulness Articles in today’s Irish Independent: How to get some mindfulness in your life and yesterday’s Guardian: Do you practice Mindfulness at work show how Mindfulness has become ‘all the rage’ (as Catriona Edwards says)!

Mindfulness - antidote to exhaustion, multi-tasking

Why?    Because it works!

We live in an always-on world. Many of us are constantly on call via text, email, always juggling, multi-tasking. Stress, anxiety, fatigue have become the norm in day-to-day life. Years of relentless worrying or a racing mind you cannot switch off are not easy to live with.  Many people are forced to say to themselves: ‘There has to be another way to live’, ‘how can I get some peace’.
Mindfulness is the answer but it takes practice.  Even though it is simple, it is not always easy. It takes time to develop new habits and inevitably you will experience resistance. That’s why it is a good idea to enroll in a Mindfulness Course where you will be guided and supported.
1-to-1-Mindfulness Training

Benefits of a Mindfulness Course

Vast research evidence attests to the benefits people from all walks of life get from doing an 8 Week Mindfulness Course.
So, if you would like to experience:

  • Better health both physical and mental
  • Resilience and improved ability to cope with difficulty
  • Enhanced ability to relax and experience ease
  • More positive and fulfilling interpersonal relationships
  • Less stress, low mood, negative thinking
  • Improved ability to be compassionate to self and others
  • More energy and contentment

Maybe, it is time to consider… a Mindfulness Course?

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.