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Every moment of everyday offers endless opportunities to be mindful and savour the moment more. When you do, it’s amazing how it changes your whole experience and you can enjoy a calmer work day where you struggle less with too much work and emotional overload.

Here are my Top Ten Mindfulness Tips to use at work

and they begin before you even get there…
1.   Get up a few minutes earlier and allow yourself more time so that you can get ready mindfully and don’t feel under pressure to rush.
2.   Shower mindfully, allow yourself to be there fully, noticing the feel of the water on your skin, the sounds, the smell of the soap, the texture of the towel as you dry yourself. Let yourself enjoy becoming awake and refreshed.  (if you need to stick a reminder on the bathroom wall, do so!)
3.   Journey mindfully. Whether driving, walking, busing, bicycling – notice your surroundings, the sky, the trees, peoples faces, just notice.
4.   Pause   Throughout the day, take a moment(s) to drop into your body and notice and acknowledge how you are feeling, physically / emotionally / mentally, just notice and acknowledge. Gather your attention to your breathing and take 3 mindful breaths – just noticing the breath coming in and out of your body.
5.   Move mindfully. Notice your body while walking or standing, be aware of yourself grounded and of your posture. Feel your clothes against your skin. Are you rushing?
6.   Eat mindfully. Many of us eat unconsciously, shovelling food into our mouths, often not tasting beyond the first bite. Instead, eat slowly, tasting each bite, thinking about how the food got to the table, and appreciating how it fuels your body.
7.   Notice Judgements.  Become aware of how we judge automatically, often on a flimsy basis, and then don’t see any further… Like / dislike, good / bad, right /wrong … we make our own stories come true. Just try to be aware of your reactions and try creating some openness and space.
8.   Listen.  When you are engaged in a conversation, really listen. Notice if you find yourself wanting to prematurely end a conversation. Notice where your mind is – are you thinking about something else? Make an effort to fully listen and then respond mindfully.
9.   Focus. When you are working on something, allow yourself to be fully engaged with that activity and not distracted by trying to multitask.
10.   Be aware of your body throughout the day, noticing tightness and tension. Breath into it, soften and let go. If possible, get up and stretch a few times during the day.

This blog was written by Joanne O’Malley, Mindfulness at Work.