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Meditation and Mindfulness skills are now a ‘must have’ if you wish to be healthy, happy and thrive in your work and life.
The pace and pressure of modern living has created an epidemic of ‘mindless busyness’ where people are rushing around, hell bent on getting to the bottom of an endless task list, frazzled, irritated, unable to stop mind chatter, see the bigger picture and enjoy their lives. This is negatively impacting everything. 

Why Meditate?

Mindfulness practice involves developing self and social awareness through purposeful periods of calm and focus. Its about taking control of your mind and mental state and being more present in what you are doing.
The difference this makes is that even in challenging circumstances, you are not overwhelmed, stuck in ‘stress’, reactive, panicky but calm, able to make skillful decisions, to prioritise what matters most, manage your time and engage in high quality collaborative relationships. 

Research on Meditation practice

There are over 3.000 scientific studies about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation showing improvements to health, wellbeing, happiness, creativity, and effectiveness.

Why everyone should meditate

Here is an infographic from Visually that summarises 76 of those benefits.

Mindfulness at Work Training

Interested in learning more about bringing Mindfulness into the workday? Please get in touch
Mindfulness at Work trains Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skills, which lead to resilience and positive mindset. In the demanding world we live in, it’s about finding the inner capacity to manage oneself, be socially aware and able to optimise the full potential of each moment.